Character: Yanha

A couple more quarp drawings! (Drawings related to our RP.)

The first one is of two new forms Yanha took on the the RP,where I spontaneously got the idea to also try to do a quick size chart (and had to experiment with realising one of the characters on the side because I just couldn’t figure out where to put his ears).

The second is a real size chart of all the characters at 1/50 scale that I actually put some effort into (though not my very best, as getting the heights accurate and getting it done were my priority).

This is what Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza (still unfinished -_-) sounds like with my new soundfont and the drum line edited veeeeerrrrrrry slightly so it better matches the actual beat of the music.

I’m not sure how long it will be because I actually haven’t finished the lyrics, but this is probably at least half of it.

A preview of Yanha’s song, “Ferdisza, Vahyuata, Morsza”.

It’s pretty incomplete (the song itself will be longer than this, only about half of the cello chord part is written, cutting off a little after 1:00, and it’s possible I might add another instrument or two and give the tremolo strings a bit more to play) but I think it sounds good so far.


I was starting to revise my update again (it’s still really coming, don’t worry!) but… then I suddenly started working on “Ferdisza Vahyuata Morsza” (Yanha’s song) instead.

I hadn’t been able to make progress on that song for a while and suddenly I have a lot of motivation to work on it, so I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Yanha the Insulator, from cube to finish

A while after I made clay-Yanha I decided to make another Insulator, but this time in Blender. This one was more meant to be a generic Insulator, though as of right now I don’t see Yanha having many structural differences from the norm, so I was kind of meaning to just use it for Yanha too with a different texture.

Going to try to build and animate a 3D Insulator in Blender. I’ve never used armatures before, so this might not be easy.

Also I have no idea how I’m going to get the legs to flop like a tiger but the middle to be fluid yet dense like a snake.

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Stablehand: Yanha the Insulator, from start to finish

Over the past three days, I’ve been working on a sculpture of an Insulator who I call Yanha. Unlike other Insulators, which I’m thinking like the other similar “mystery beings” will be a dark-bluish-greenish colour (although there is some amount of variation between individuals), Yanha is a bright white, hence its name.

The sculpture is not quite done yet, but I will edit in the final picture(s) here when it is.

Insulator concept art.

Preview of something I’m making for Stablehand, called an Insulator.

Gosh, what is this thing?

It’s Yanha looking, as I remarked to my friends, “like a backwards cobra”.

This is one big honking Insulator.

Yanha in-progress.

Yanha about to go into the oven.

I had no idea how long to bake this thing since the thickness guidelines were pretty much useless on something with this much variance. So I just put it in for an hour and hoped for the best.

About two hours and three frantic, impatient checks later, it was baked.

Yanha out of the oven.

I then took some pictures of it with my phone and immediately proceeded to manipulate one with GIMP. Which… had some somewhat surprising results.

Yanha… oh god. GIMP, what have you done?!

That was the “despeckle” filter run amok, by the way. I… think I actually like grainy pictures better.

Yanha standing on my printer / mockup made in GIMP of what I want the finished Yanha to look like.

Yanha painted in white.

Yanha’s blue markings about 80% added. Face and chest still unfinished.