Character: Xzhyrxiel

The truth about Xzhyrxiel and Zxelhziar?

I’ve been thinking about why Xzhyrxiel and Zxelhziar are reversed and have the opposite markings on their bodies and the opposite iconography to what their attune is

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Zxelhziar and the diamond bosses

Sometimes only my stupid AUs of existing things can get me off my butt to finish stuff :p

Today I was like I’mma design the (G.E.M.) boss diamonds and each one is gonna be two Stablehand mascots squashed together because they were each going to have two attributes anyway
But like a third of the mascots were undesigned so I had to assign a mascot to Fantasy and Will and design all of them (haven’t formally designed them yet actually)

The mascot of Fantasy is Zxelhziar, and the name is a reverse of “Xzhyrxiel”.


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a fantasy character who preaches the gospel of Christianity despite their being no jesus christ or equivalent figure in their world

Does it count that RFS has a faction called the Faithful/Believers who rally around a seemingly nonexistent angel preaching goodness and stuff kinda the way Christianity is interpreted popularly?

Heh I never realised the idea of a nonbinary angelmonster was so… biblically canon. :p

Actually biblical descriptions of angels were pretty good for getting ideas on Xzhyrxiel. I like the idea of them wearing at least one pair of wings like a cloak, and giving the wings digits kind of like Postulator wings but also just making them regular bird wings at the same time, to match that note about the wings having hands on them.

I’m not sure about the part about multiple faces but… maybe. Actually incorporating the eyewheels from Ezekiel could be cool too.

Ok the Faith attribute is supposed to have this angel thing that is kind of its mascot. People are kind of not sure whether it exists or not but they don’t really care because they’re Faithful, so the point is not whether it exists but that they believe in it.

(Verity people would immediately want to discover the truth because being in suspense is frustrating and they kinda hope it will turn out that magic doesn’t exist so their truth-based approach will be, well, verified, and Synthesis people would kinda want to know whether the angel exists or not but not necessarily care which way it turned out. Faith people, though, kinda don’t even want to know.)

What’s been bugging me is its name. I’ve kinda had this vague “image” of its name in my mind and what its name is supposed to “feel” like, just kinda from the image of the beast itself, but haven’t really been able to put that image into an actual name.

Now I’m thinking it has like X’s and Z’s in it all weird though, like maybe…

Xzhyrxiel? Xzhxyriel?

Something like that.