Character: Wit


A thought just occurred to me.

Rocketdan wanted to kidnap Pikachu for a long time. They thought Pikachu must be awesome, or something.

But a lot of times Pikachu actually wins by breaking the rules.

Maybe the Jianglongdui could actually be trying to pull a massive mindfuck on Wit by claiming they were an objectivist faction and they were taking over the local monster league to enforce the rules/stop subjective reinterpretations of them, or maybe even just use that as a justification to destroy all the monsters/steal them for Artifex purposes.

Ok, well, today I was revamping Wit’s Theme, and as I was doing that, I was also thinking about how to rework the character.

I thought, maybe it would be interesting to play up this idea of Wit as being ‘the stylish trainer’ or something like that (acts cool, maybe has a distinctive clothing style, unique way of doing things, etc.). I was trying to do that a teeny bit with Tsuneo recently, and I kind of liked how it was turning out, so I thought, yeah, that could work.

In Japanese one way they like to say that is “smart” though. Hmm, Wit, the smart trainer.

Then suddenly it hit me.



Help I’m dying