Character: Wings-07


So the other day I was having a stupid little thought about people having Reflector MBs that could act as mini-Hfenixata. I haven’t talked about Reflectors much cause they haven’t been developed very much but basically they reside in a host and then the host and Reflector sort of “reflect” each other, that is, bring out hidden qualities of each other through their intertwinedness. They’re basically a carryover from my dropped (and in-reboot) Tyrian project, where they were inspired by the shadows in Blue Dragon Ral Grad* (which in turn first appeared in Blue Dragon).

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So I was working on fleshing out the idea I’d had of using technique trees today, and got a pretty ridiculous but great idea

All Wings-07′s cirque techniques are literally just job skills pulled from “things you should put on your resume” lists

And like, depending on which skills he upgrades it determines what job he can get :p

I like the idea his flowspace (basically a combo character screen/objectives screen that’s styled differently for each character, if you haven’t been following) is quite literally his resumé and as he upgrades techniques it changes, with the next techniques he’s going to get in there with question marks



Until Stablehand, I never realised how contradictory “things you should put on your resume” lists could be…

Stablehand: The story of Wings-07

I feel like I need to share the inspiration for this character, because it’s an odd little story.

So, there’s this cartoon called Regular Show. I had never actually watched it, but apparently it’s one of those things where a guy won a contest and just sort of put together a bunch of random characters and things lying around and wove a concept around them. Which was basically ‘hey what if they were just sort of goofing around at college’.

So that’s what Regular Show is.

Now here’s what I thought it was.

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Some quickly put-together pics of Ariana and her OCs for roleplay purposes. A few parts of what’s to follow may be a little confusing if you aren’t in the roleplay, so I’ve readmored it.


Peter Trimming / CC-BY

Guylaine Brunet / CC-BY

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