Character: Tyrian Dhuumravarna

Oh fuck

OFF made me think about something…

In OFF I’d thought maybe the ghosts might be a distraction to get the Batter to “purify” everything

Well in Tyrian, the hero is created by the Artifices, these people who have essentially made it their passion to distort the world to their liking, but doesn’t know that for most of the story (one of his allies who was a former Artifex, Amperius, kiiiinda can tell something is up but not quite that that’s what’s going on)

I’d initially thought of him as like an experiment gone wrong, where the Artifices were trying to create an ideal new type of people that would be especially suited for Artes (like Splenda, it’s made from Artes so it tastes like Artes!), but they threw him out when he wasn’t suitable for that (surprise surprise, when he’s like supposed to be the first prototype)

But maybe they gave him that doubting, justice-seeking nature intentionally

Maybe he was a living straw man they created specifically to cause trouble, to make people hate the idea of objectivity so they would embrace Linsian subjectivism more—which would make sense since I saw a lot of people who couldn’t see why the Artes were bad as thinking he was an annoyance

Holy fuck that makes the story so much more sad