Character: The Ingenious

Dark Teapot and shade forms

Dark Teapot and Sigmund Wren are the same person, but essentially in two separate timelines. Sigmund Wren’s timeline ends where Dark Teapot’s timeline begins, and vice versa, creating a chicken and egg time loop situation where it’s not really clear if he was “always” an aetherboss or not. Sigmund Wren was initially a person who became an aetherboss, but Dark Teapot was initially an aetherboss who became a person.

Dark’s additional “guise” identities that I always had a vague idea he’d have have to do with his connection with the dream spy agency.

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Gen is rescued for being too “human” to be an Eterea. They are unusually Envira-tilted (already the case physically, they’re fluffy instead of like some weird hybrid of skin/statue/mineral/fireplace), giving them distinctly vibrant [usual sense] emotions that a lot of ordinary Eterea do not have.

It’s not unheard of, just really uncommon. Other Eterea usually can empathise the way an abstract creature made of feelings would, but Gen feels things on a human level. This makes them awkward toward others, as they’re immediately able to see how impersonal and distant and cryptic every other Eterea is.

Their strong emotions give them a tendency to want to be Esteem but also an awkwardness that makes the “graceful” and “finessing” part very hard. So they stick with Synth-Uni-Ve. In their case Esteem is like a more majestic version of Synthesis and some of their higher-tier techniques will be in that instead of Synth.

Nonbinary in the "real way"

I wrote eighteen thousand words about my gender. Which, by the way, is literally nearly as much as my Stablehand explanation post (aka WSP) and “autobiography” post combined, which were ~10k words each. (It took me two weeks.)

It’s a lot, but I needed to get it out.



remember how in the early days of Homesuck whenever tried to do a bullshit plot line or self insert we just shot it down

that was good

Yeaahhhhhh I feel like I totally would have been the one to get them back that way except then I had to decide being an alien werewolf thing on stupid irrelevant segues was so fun. Bluh :p

At the very least it made me create the Observers which are a really, really big thing in RFS now (nope, it’s not a coincidence at all they’re named Observers, if you know what I mean :p), and half a dozen personas and various things similar to them, like wow I practically made this whole aesthetic based on blankfaces, mammal and/or dinosaur characteristics, viridian, weird glove things, fluff, and stripes

Stablehand: Observer update


Here we are! I wanted to make a more quality drawing of The Ingenious, and I did, but at the same time I also drew more updated versions of the two more common Observer forms. Those forms are now called the Yunia (Unity) and Vontada (Will) forms, and Ingenious’ form is now called the Sinteszia (Synthesis) form; as it’s a sort of combination of the two I felt like I needed to have a good reference of the other two to compare it to.

It’s good I got to drawing the main two forms again, though, because their design has changed a bunch by now. In particular the Vontada form looks a lot more like a theropod dinosaur by accident; its arms could probably be a bit more substantial actually because I liked the ape-ish look on the colour palette test one. Another, actually intentional design element is that now, all forms’ hands have exactly one clawed thumb but the rest of the digits unified into a single unit by default, which separates out into separate fingers (up to 7 counting the thumb) as needed. (That’s my sneaky way of obeying the “MBs have either digits or claws reflecting their attribute number” rule while still giving them normal hands.)

Also this time I actually drew the sensors seriously instead of scribbling them, for the very first time. I’m not totally sure I won’t change them the next time I have to draw these things but at least I have an actual design for the sensors now. :p

Stablehand: Evermore Albatross, Inquisitor, Obtruder

First up, we have… a mess! Recently in an effort to save paper, I’ve been leaning more toward filling up pages with a bunch of unrelated things than keeping them neatly segregated. As a result, we have the same Hinotorian ideographs yet again, some drafts for attitude symbols, an attempt to reclassify attributes, a rose thorn monster, and the evermore albatross.

The idea of attitudes being heraldic poses visually came from, well, attitude meaning just that. As I said before, one of the things that was supposed to be a thematic element of Stablehand early on was making heraldic monsters come to life,


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In my mind, I’m, well… Kate, but not. :p

This stern young woman with curling dark brown hair who wears a brown felt outdoorish hat and these viridian fingerless gloves seamlessly adorned with a fan of iridescent feathers of the same colour at the sides.

I’m also a faceless, genderless still-a-little-viridianish sugar glider-werewolf-cat that wears the exact same hat as Kate.

And on top of that I’m also “real-life” me. It’s weird.

Depending on my mood, when I imagine myself saying things/doing things/making expressions in the future I will probably most often be the werewolf thing actually.

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Meet my new hat.

It’s felt, repels water, and came with a silly booklet filled with random stuff about hats. (Like, seriously, there was a teeny bit of maybe useful care information, but then the rest of it was all snippets of historical trivia and etymologies of various expressions involving “hat”. …Um, what?)

Anyway I finally have a hat that looks like my personaish character’s hat, which I can use as a reference, and also just to look awesome.

So that’s good.