Character: The Techs

Rotator Phoenix is probably a Chosen honestly

The “Chosen” archetype that I had floating around in my head for so long is probably literally just, a Mascot creature chooses you. You’re a Chosen now, bye

I was just thinking about Jinhuang’s story, how she chooses Jinfeng and makes her a Chosen, but how before that she chose Rotator to change the world by bringing in the age of technotrance

If Jinfeng and the Techs meet up I was at first imagining this thing where Jinhuang has to awkwardly reveal she is Kyrielle but also a bird, but it seems like there’s so much more potential than that for Jinfeng and Rotator to realise that they’re both part of this big, weird thing centred around The Hfenix and changing the world and like, what that means

Ok so, the revised series of events for the TTs after the 6kh story is out is this.

(spoilersish kinda for the story, “The Notice”; you may want to read it first)


The War, explained??

I may finally have an explanation for “The War”. maybe.

So Graznar is a Soulless, which is the opposite of a Soulful (recently I realised that’s not quite true and I explain that further down this post, but that’s not important right now). He has his HQ in Corazón, formerly the Heartland—home of the Soulful.

Now, I realised, Corazón is a weird name for that place to have.

Thing is, it’s kinda weird it would be named in Spanish, cause I don’t know of anywhere in Aluma that speaks Spanish. Grævonia speaks basically-English.

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As I was typing that last post it finally occurred to me that maybe the reason Rotator and the Techs are younger than they’re supposed to be (they’re like 25 when The War was at least 50 years ago and Rotator was around 17-20 during The War) is just because something caused them to absorb a ton of sustanszia. I don’t know what though, exactly.

A silly possibility that occurred to me is Rotator just nuzzled up against his goddamn phoenix girlfriend often enough that with her huge amount of sustanszia some just kinda literally rubbed off on him :p
Kinda funny to imagine him just kinda revealing that to the others one day while also randomly projecting fiery wings out of his back for the first time ever cause if there’s anything that G.E.M.

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Good going Pterodaustro

I had a dream that in some top-down Legend of Zelda game there was a small sidequest that was like one of those obstacle course races you have to do to win a piece of heart or some other semi-important item

For some reason the player character was Pterodaustro instead of Link?? A little sprited Pterodaustro with his black wingsuit-wetsuit and everything. And he wasn’t supposed to be doing this race, it was really for somebody else (maybe the actual Link, I don’t remember) who could be observed doing the race when he came in. But he was going to do it anyway.

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Rotator Phoenix sounds like Revolver Ocelot


Hahaha I never noticed that

Which is especially funny when there is something very loosely inspired by MGS in Stablehand, namely the Machination attribute, so under that attribute you have “Fox” and “Serval” and “Kolonok” (a type of weasel) and–though it was a coincidence and not intended–a snake man whose dad has an eyepatch


Carbonado and the Techs… and stuff

I got like four post ideas in the shower and had to squash them all together whoops


Spiriters originally were an Aeterna thing. They were just minor inland thieves. Then Sengra pirates came in and “stole” their faerie friends, displacing them in Ssairetta and expanding out into the ocean. From that point on Sirriparn went from minor boring unknown petty thieves to ridiculous truck-hijacking maniacs

It may be that Ssairetta’s weird habit of jumbling syllables in words (Ssiatterra? → Ssairetta, spiriter → sirripar) originally came from Sengra mangling Aeterna language because they didn’t care,

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Mitrokh and the Forsaken Places

Ok so it’d been the case for a while I was thinking the “old” place(s) of Fantasy and Faith (before the “neo” ones, Salvare and Techanopia) were situated somewhere around Vvaghras, and Ariana was born and raised in one of them at some point. I also sorta knew I wanted to have this ethnic group called the Saout, whose name are kind of a play on “Nords” (like North/South), but didn’t quiiiite know where they came from. The FantaFaith place(s) in south Mitrokh seemed like a good candidate, but I still didn’t know where that was.

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*looks at Transistor*

If a biotranscendent’s major aim is to become an animal is a technotranscendent’s major aim to become a weapon

What if the Techs could do a combo where all of them but one turn into weapons

What kind of combo would that be though? Proooobably a Fantasy combo I guess?

Hmm, I’m starting to think combos are a pretty freeform thing where instead of each attribute having a standard outline for combos like Unity combos always being fusions they’re just whatever they happen to be and are assigned their attribute based on their general theme

I’m divided on whether I should relegate to the cracktheory list the Techs each having a card suit

On one hand if it’s familiar modern card suits, that’s boring and uninspired, unless I’m Andrew Hussie

On the other hand alternative card suits like the German ones are pretty cool and with the German one I can still give T-daust (aka (David “Love” Vlang) hearts, which was prompted the idea in the first place