Character: Stolen Heart


I’m thinking attunements might kind of represent a little bit where the character is in character development, but with again, a kind of branching, nonlinear path to them. Kinda like, well, evolution stages. XD

If that were the case things would actually fit together pretty well because

SH = attributes, what you are; he’s kind of focused on the present and looking at things objectively

Arkturuse = attunements, what you were; he’s kind of obsessed with history (albeit largely history he inadvertently made up) and old-fashioned romanticised attitudes

Aiyalam = attitudes, what you will be; he’s kind of focused on the future inasmuch as he wants to change it and make it more chaotic (and when you think about it, in reality the 2nd law of thermodynamics would seem to say chaos IS the future XD)

That… actually works pretty well honestly.


Again, I did the evolution stages thing with attitudes. :p

The association of bosses with mechanics is still fairly current though.

Hmm, makes me wonder if Dark Teapot has a mechanic though…

Here’s a mildly depressing song with a rather funny story behind it.

When I was writing “On the Lift to Ruin”, I simply couldn’t get enough of Jinfèng’s lines, and so I started to write Jinfèng a song of her own. Weeks later when I was in the middle of writing said song I took a moment to laugh at myself and casually think “What am I doing? This is ridiculous. Am I going to write a theme song for Stolen Heart next?”.

And then I started to muse on what such a song would sound like, and I had a song pretty much completed within three days. I swear, the silly things ALWAYS get done first and faster. And sometimes even better. XD

You can find the lyrics here.

Temporary avatars for SH (Answer-like Answers to Question-like Questions) and Arkturuse (The Marvellous and Ever-Riveting Exploits of A. Miraharu). Both are under the CC-BY-SA.

Original sources:,-Vic,-3.1.2008.jpg

After these ask blogs got no questions and I also half-forgot they existed I recently decided to scrap them in favour of just having one ask blog for ALL the characters of Stablehand which isn’t open yet. It will simply be called Saucer Nexus though, and be from a (probably kinda throwaway) ending where all the main characters live at the Saucer Nexus.

Stablehand: Aethereal trio revamp

I kind of got around to revamping these guys, at least partially. I decided that all three of them should have projection-wings to make things consistent, but that all three of the wings should have different styles in order to keep them different from each other.

I still have a little work to do on SH’s wings; I think for his overall style I will be leaning a more toward the top picture and kind of like the way I drew the wings there, but I feel like the wings in the bottom picture “fit” better. So maybe they’ll end up being a combination of the two or something.

Aiyalam’s wings were a pretty random, ad-hoc choice, but I think I’m sticking with that decision.

Stablehand: "Will I live to face another day?" Remix

I finally got around to remixing Stolen Heart’s theme. There were two reasons I did it: first, the GM guitar and saxophone I picked sounded HORRIBLE in TiMidity, which is supposed to be a “real” synthesiser, and I couldn’t seem to find a version of the MSGS wavetable soundfont I was using where that wasn’t the case. Second, the guitar really wasn’t the way I wanted it to sound. It took me the longest time to figure out that what I wanted were grace notes, but while I was searching for a guitar that would sound like I was playing grace notes (:p) I found a much better-sounding lead guitar anyway, plus some pretty good background guitars. So I just basically remixed the entire thing.

I think it sounds much better now, so this is the one I’m putting on the Internet Archive page, but I’ll leave the old link up on tindeck for now.

(Lyrics are still here.)

  1. Even though the Stablehand universe has dragons, winged equids, griffins, and other similar animals, there are no winged cats. However, after one person set up a hoax to try to “prove” the existence of this animal (which the hoax artist called a cœlailurus), they’ve nonetheless become embedded in Grævonian and world culture.

    A number of people treat the cœlailurus as a cryptid and keep insisting it exists somewhere, but most just mockingly use as an example of something really improbable, kind of like people in this world talk about flying pigs. Hence, when they hear a really weird idea, people tend to say things like “well isn’t that a fine cœlailurus you have?” and “that’s totally pardwings”.

    I’m not sure how you’d pronounced the letter “œ” when spelling things out, but for now I’m going with “way”. Especially because that could lead to some pretty funny chatspeak/meme-type stuff. I mean:

    “No œ!”
    “Yes œ!”


  2. I had a suspicion the “get out of here” thing had been done like a million times, but I still couldn’t get over it for some reason and had to draw it.

    (Of course, since it was about 23:00 then, I was finding almost everything funnier than it should have been…)

    Somehow as I was doing that, I about two-thirds accomplished the revamp of Stolen Heart I’d wanted to do.

For a little while now I’d imagined SH, Arkturuse, and Aiyalam having “mystery beings” working for them as well as people, but hadn’t quite figured out which ones. So I’m doing that now!

  • SH: Observers + ??
  • Arkturuse: Transitors, Postulators, and Ostentators, as well as a few Conductors
  • Aiyalam: a lot of Instigators, dunno what others

SH has Observers because they look like dogs, Arkturuse has all the proud and fancy ones, and Aiyalam has Instigators because they love causing trouble.

I might add a few more when I get all the main “mystery beings” designed.

Somehow this only occurred to me today, but if Stolen Heart doesn’t have a heart, he also shouldn’t have a pulse, or very good circulation if any.

If (being the weird spirit thing he is) he’s somehow able to survive that, he should probably be like getting dizzy or getting headaches at random moments and passing out about half the time. And also oddly cold and dry to the touch.

I am probably going to stick with my initial idea that being a weird spirit thing is largely able to preserve his body, though, so he probably wouldn’t display any obvious blotching or swelling.

Initially I saw him as being somebody who is just able to brave his situation even though it’s very tough, and nobody knows how bad it really is, or would even believe him if he tried to explain. But it seems now like his problems will have to be pretty evident even though he tries extremely hard to hide them, and a lot of the people who work for him will probably have noticed a little slip or two in concealing the fact he’s all but falling apart and be very curious.

I’ve seriously been toying with the idea of an “Ask Stolen Heart” blog, likely titled something like “Answer-like Answers to Question-like Questions”.

Of course, I still need to revamp the way I draw the character as well as figure out his background a bit more, and I really don’t know whether it would be funny or just kind of boring, so I haven’t done it yet.

What do you think? Would you check out an ask blog that was just about a person who has no emotions answering questions in a completely monotone and objective way, no matter how crazy they got, or do you think that would just be completely ‘blah’?