Character: Steelwing wing 07 07

Me: So I have this tentative character called “Steelwing wing 7, 07”, or just Seven. He is loosely inspired by Nash but he is mostly immortal due to a government project, with this internal conflict around patriotism to the Hinotorian state
Me: And I was just thinking today about like, the idea in fiction of consciously experiencing the transition through death
Me: Maybe seven has a friend who was part of this research and is just this weird transcended being now
Me: What’s their name
Me: …Six
Me: No, eight
Me: Maybe there’s also a six out there and they have to track them down
Me: But like, six and eight, they’re a force to be reckoned with
Me: So six is kinda dreading it you might say
Me: Eight, since their transcension, has become all abstracted down to all the concepts that could possibly comprise them across all these Aether locales and is this kinda weird cosmic amalgam
Me: So six would hardly dare even say anything bad about them
Me: Why is six afraid of seven?
Me: Because when seven is minus eight and you find the root of what’s left, making it a square gives a negative result


So the other day I was having a stupid little thought about people having Reflector MBs that could act as mini-Hfenixata. I haven’t talked about Reflectors much cause they haven’t been developed very much but basically they reside in a host and then the host and Reflector sort of “reflect” each other, that is, bring out hidden qualities of each other through their intertwinedness. They’re basically a carryover from my dropped (and in-reboot) Tyrian project, where they were inspired by the shadows in Blue Dragon Ral Grad* (which in turn first appeared in Blue Dragon).

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