Character: Ssingalain

Although Yanha starts out in the Aether, one of the things they can definitely do is find a route to escape out of the Aether into Aluma. Probably at the Borderlands, since that’s the Designated Place Most MBs Enter Aluma, but it would be funny if they could enter Ssiyin’s being before Ssiassi did and unknowingly prevent that happening

So Ssivyin just has Yanha instead of Ssiassi

That would be a cool alternate story route that’s definitely canon now, but it really makes me wonder

If Ssivyin is so similar to Ssingalain, having a similar appearance, the disaffine hero thing, the (spoilers :p) name Nall/Null upon becoming it, and adopting the Song of Ssingalain as a myth and stuff

Does that mean Ssingalain was a furry had an MB intertwined with them too? It would probably look like a leijonœrn considering their name. But it would be… maybe a Veriaszar? I need to at some point fix MB archetypes like that for the new attitude system.

Nall Ssingalain

Ok I finally gave them a name after all this time

The person who unified Aeterna is named Nall Ssingalain.

Their ‘family name’ means “none”; it’s supposed to be cognate with “null”. (I imagine it was already a regular word too and when being poetic Aeterna might well write “all or nall”. :p) It was a very untraditional choice up to their time that they chose to reflect their ideology of non-affinity with any faction or clan, though probably recurs in some small frequency in the modern era as people who identify with them do the same.

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I just made a cool connection

Ever since getting the main ideas for Ssivyin’s background I’d always thought of Aeterna as being especially inclusive and acknowledging of nonbinary people but I didn’t really know why

I kinda had this idea that they would have a special name (the name I later came up with was “Disaffine”) and kinda be symbolically associated with neutrality and being beyond taking sides and that’s kinda the significance of Ssiv’s song, that Ssiv is one person who fits into that… archetype basically in their culture of a Disaffine who has the ability to rise above partisanship

And now I think that probably the reason they’re so inclusive to nonbinary people and have that archetype is that a nonbinary person was the one who initially got the 16 clan-states of Aeterna to make peace with each other rather than fighting over territory all the time and to unify into one country