Character: Ssiassi

Me: It occurs to me while updating my charahub that I put both that Kate tended to be really bullshit and Ssivyin was the best at putting aside other people’s bullshit

Me: Unstoppable force vs immovable object

Me: It’d actually be a great dynamic

Me: Ssivyin just kinda incidentally gets their day interrupted by Kate doing something bullshit and just kinda decides, ok, you are going down. Ssiassi, you have full permission to go do whatever you want

Me: Not least because I don’t imagine Kate would believe fae are real so if she saw one indisputably next to Ssivyin she’d probably flip her shit

Above: pictures I couldn’t add to the archive because the server was apparently full, lol

Top is Ssiassi, Ssivyin’s burden. Bottom is a by now rather old hexart drawing done at the same time as the leijonœrn I posted that one time with the other failed leijonœrns but am too lazy to link.

Sorry everything’s such a mess right now, it’s gonna be much more in order when my Sandstorm goes up and the new blog and archive go out.

Stablehand: What is Stablehand? (again)

Despite my valiant attempts to explain what Stablehand is at least twice, it turned out people still didn’t get it. So… I had to do it again (:p). Here’s my newest explanation, reposted from my tumblr.

What is stablehand? Do you make it?

I do make Stablehand, or, well, will would be a better word than do, because I haven’t strictly “made” any of the actual story yet. Though I do already have a whole bunch of things laid out basically in a rough outline of the final format in my mind,


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Unfortunately this is kind of a riff but I kind of like the arrangement, maybe partly because it sounds like an anime theme to me and I was almost imagining an animation to go with it (involving Ssivyin and Ssiassi, with Ssiassi turning oddly nightmarish trying to turn the world around it into kinda inkshadows and propelling them forward wanting to burst out but Ssiv fighting with it to keep it repressed… only half goes with the lyrics lyric but eh XD).

I think sometimes my favourite parts of things are the parts that aren’t there and I just imagine… XD

Reposted under the CC-BY-SA.