Character: Spectrum hexarts

What if Lance went and BEFRIENDED all seven spectrum hexarts. Like they all just walk along behind him and he just has eight goddamn dragons following him everywhere. It’s like the silly “all the gym leaders join Ash” AU I made up one day but with dragons

He becomes the “Rainbow Commander” or some shit

I used to wonder what an att could be

So as I’ve been programming Seven Heirs (Undertale tribute using the in-progress Stablehand engine) I’ve been learning some things about Stablehand/Sixteen Hues.

For 7h, I wanted to build a “Stablehand-style RPG-ish encounter system”, because RPG encounters are a big part of Undertale but I never thought about how one would work in Stablehand and thought that would be an interesting experiment. For reference, this is called the “Confrontation” system.

And I thought about how I was building it (or planning to), and realised, this pretty much illustrates exactly what attributes were/are supposed to be.

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OCtober: Red

Red is one of the “spectrum hexarts”, a gradient of hexart dragons born to Parhelion and Achroma. Early on I thought the spectrum hexarts would be really important, kinda taking the place the attribute mascots occupy today. Now… it’s been pretty unclear what their relevance is for a while.

One thing I’ve known about the spectrum hexarts since the attribute mascots arrived is that they were kind of an accident, something that wasn’t exactly supposed to happen. But, the kind of accident that nobody really cares about because it isn’t really that harmful or consequential. At least, not in the eyes of those who have enough power to do anything about it.

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WBJ2015: Geography

Aluma has three main continents: Ywaszj (Yuashi), Mitrokh, and Resona [tentative name]. Ywaszj and Resona lie along the same west-east line, but Mitrokh is south to them.

Far north to Ywaszj and Resona is the arctic region, called Prossiveria. It gets its name from being close (or proximate) to the north star,

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Jegus I think I was right about that default network thing

My mind was drifting over to things I should scan while thinking about how to do a math problem and I just suddenly had a super-vivid image of a redesign for Achroma (a redesign I’d literally only thought of at that moment) and drew it

The image was only of its head sadly but I have plenty more math problems so maybe I’ll get the rest of it done too :p

It’s kind of interesting how with Cleverbotstuck I came up with “technotranscendent” Dirk and then with DCS I came up with machairodont Dirk and in Stablehand I added the technotranscendents as a faction because I thought that would be cool and shortly after that in homeSUCK I made John into a technotranscendent of sorts, and then I had to pick a creature to represent the Fantasy attribute so I picked the “panther”, and the hexart I designed around the panther made me think, well what if cats with wings were a fantasy creature in this world even though dragons and griffins and things exist, so then the cœlailurus is this thing and it kind of boots the panther out, and when I put it on the Zefír flag I coloured it various shades of blue which were incidentally kinda like the Breath colours honestly, and then I come up with “Heavenscratch Beastquest Tenkai” as a new title for the reboot of my old project and then I’m designing “heavenscratch” as a creature because why the hell not and I decide to make it a cœlailurus but I drew it with slightly machairodontish features so I make it a full-on machairodont with wings.

And I feel so weird for intuitively thinking that “machairodont” and “wings” are things that just go together because they both got incidentally associated with Dirk.

I guess this is also a good example of how originality is easiest to build incrementally and it’s much rarer to just suddenly “be original”.

Stablehand scraps, 5/2~7/24

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I did the last summary post already? That’s a long time.

Well, anyway, here are all the scrappier things that happened in that timeframe!


Fulvopards are pardeans, an odd group of “mid-sized” cats that I’m still figuring out. The main idea though is that they evolved from the close ancestors of either “big” cats or “small” cats (mostly small cats) but are a distinctly different kind of cat. (I guess by that definition the group might be polyphyletic? Eh,

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TDNMB: the highlights, 4/16~5/2

Okay, now I’ve finally gotten all my blogs in order and decided what I’ll do.

TDNMB and my Stablehand/Tyrian tags on tumblr will be for all my WIPs I feel like posting, and separate posts on this blog will be for the finished stuff. However, since I seem to be producing a lot more WIPs than finished stuff lately, I’m also going to post compilation posts here of the rougher stuff from my tumblr periodically. This is the first of those posts, mostly covering 4/16~5/2.

Here I was trying to draw a symbol for one of the main characters to wear.

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