Character: Spears

The other day I was thinking about the idea of Græv people commonly having weapon names because Lance and then the fact I’d named the leader of the Hexestrians Fauchard to match

And I thought you know Spears is a pretty cool name, I dunno if Arrow would work that well, Bow/Beau haha, etc.

And then as I was thinking about the name Spears I suddenly imagined this guy with whitish hair and a snow leopard leijonœrn that was kind of an alt ripoff of Lance (the idea of a “bootleg” Lance was actually something I’d already come up with when somebody was suggesting they might make a “bootleg” of RFS and I suggested basically that guy for some kind of cover so it was kind of that idea resurfacing) but at the same time like completely different from him, actually a whole bunch like the fan fiction characters in Adventure Time although no genderbend

And I thought damn it would actually be oddly neat to have canon bootleg side characters that like work for SH et al. or something like that so the main characters are almost guaranteed never to for instance befriend them even if the audience probably will notice them

Kinda pointless and weird admittedly but oddly neat