Character: Sibh Kraeh

If Jinfeng is sorta like the adopted kid to Ariana’s mom’s band member’s girlfriend does that make them almost stepsisters

…That’s not the right word at all, but it’s close enough Ariana might think it was with her whole words thing :p

Makes me think that maybe Ariana might discover or invent (probably like with the story of T.S. Bern, misremember and embellish) a story about the “Flaming Stepsister” that is supposed to vaguely hint at Jinfeng. That sounds kinda like a very weird corruption of Cinderella

Recently I decided that Sleipnir and Hughes would probably be demoted from main characters to Antecedents,

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Whoawhoawhoa hold the phone

I just realised while writing the section about Origins in that post that that’s what Sibh Kraeh is—often people turn into aethereals but Hughes can end up turning himself into a fucking Origin.


That’s like not something I ever would have thought of using the words for it but I’d already thought of it by accident

Becoming an Origin is probably super rare

I realised that without ever using that word I’d basically made Hughes an Originator by accident because I had that one random idea that as a joke he’d tell a weird and unsettling story about Papa Stork dropping baby bird-people aka “Ciconians” that were planning to take over the world and retcon Papa Stork into folklore and existence, and then also recently I had an idea that his crow persona was based on a story about “Sibh Kraeh” he’d make up and again retcon into folklore and existence the whole idea of that character if he got really into that schema

And then I realised if Hughes can retcon legends into legendness and into existence he could effectively recreate all the history that Era siphoned up, albeit in a weird bluesy way that had some distinct differences from the original

It may be that Hughes’ bird form is actually a threat to retcon history and insert the bird as a new historical figure – Sibh Kraeh

Maybe that’s kinda what Incongruity is about sorta, inserting new stuff that was never there before
Like Clarity is about erasing history

Unlike Compulsion Incongruity is more innocuous, it’s not trying to break anyone, just weird a few people out while getting great satisfaction from its own in-joke of being really really weird for no reason

Incongruity is also kinda about splitting apart (Synthesis is sorta about that already but in a more orderly fashion, like gears that do different things are segregated), Sibh Kraeh may be able to sorta become distinct from Hughes