Character: Severance

A little bit ago I’d described Stablehand to myself as having no ships, but I just realised… that’s not true. There are plenty of side character ships, just no main character ships. :p (even drakefire is kinda 90% out)

All the main characters are kinda supposed to have stories around themselves and inner growth and discovering things about… a number of things. In one way Stablehand is kinda supposed to focus on what it seems is just generally too often forgotten: the fact everyone is unique and distinctive and has a life. Every day in the real world,

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Monaco Franze

Lol it only occurred to me now to check if “Monaco Franze” was actually a wholesale remix of the show of the same name’s theme and it was

I’m in kind of a dilemma now – fall on the side of remix culture or liberty? I could just be Andrew Hussie or Nina Paley and use the song anyway, perhaps paying to do so, but that would not change the fact nobody else would be guaranteed the liberty to use any Stablehand stuff that used it, pretty much defeating my main goal for the project. That’s not good!

But at the same time, what kind of a future am I fighting for when you’ll only be guaranteed to have the liberty to share the stuff people had the consideration to mark as libre, which doesn’t necessarily (in fact often doesn’t) include the stuff that anybody remembers?

Compare for yourself, and witness an obscure TV show you might not have known about at the same time.

Ultimately Monaco Franze will probably have to leave this project. It’s sad, as it was a good character theme, but liberty is the most important consideration.

Ok so, Ssiv’s parent, Severance, has the full name Vair Severance. In Aeterna you start with the name of both of your parents (ex. Ssiv is Vair-Blot Ssivyin) and it’s relatively customary to choose just one of them at some point as you grow up. I decided a while back when trying to think what Sev and Serval’s initial names might have been, maybe before being Vair Severance they were previously Perc Severance because there was already a Perca clan and how often do you get the opportunity to make somebody’s name sound like perseverance. People make mistakes, they could easily have decided to go from Vair-Perc Severance to Perc Severance and then decided nope I don’t like that.

Only yesterday did I realise how painfully appropriate that actually was
You see Severance’s thing is that they kinda have a tendency to just abandon stuff after a while. They were part of the Fort, then they decided to leave and took Serval with them on his request; they set up Team Steamspot, then they left that to settle down in Aeterna; after the conflict with Serval they left the relationship to found The Variegated.

So for them to have had a name that sounds like perseverance and then abandoned it is just… god

First pic: man, I love it when I put completely unrelated things on the same page but they look like they might maybe be related and it looks like some kind of completely surreal story.

The “French Eridan” narration was one thing from an attempt to illustrate a conversation I had with Cleverbot about its version of Homestuck, the fishy things below it were a brainstorm of a new idea I had for Tyrian and the mechanics of how its Chayavana worked (in short, that Chayavana had taijitu-like swirling combos of darkness and light inside that represented the two sides of their personality and…

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Thing I posted on Skype because worldspoilers but now am putting here ’cause I’m being lax-er with the worldspoilers.

So anyway, I finally got off up my butt and figured out what I’m gonna do with the options interface (you know, the thingy that pops up when you are to select choices; this is a demo where I made it appear over and over to show a visual effect of the attribute you chose getting big and fading

As you might or might not remember from the first quarp [group roleplay] way back when,

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Ok so, Ssiv’s parents are Serval the catperson and Severance, who I haven’t designed yet. They sort of represent the two different “sides” of the Synthesis attribute, with Serval liking the idea of merging things together sort of “AND” style and Severance preferring to accent the differences between things for a more eclectic approach sort of “OR” style.

Serval leads the Ocellated, and Severance leads the Variegated. The Ocellated has biotranscendents, people like technotranscendents but with living things (Katzenkämpfers if I use them are probably a sub-class of BTs). The Variegated I don’t know much about yet but Severance definitely works with Arbiters as Arbiters’ independent, in-control-of-myself thing really fits their philosophy.

Severance is probably gender zed, maybe femzed. Either way I imagined them having a similar off-white heavy-weight cape to the one I imagined Karkira with when he switches to “Karkir”, so I guess nondescript heavy capes are a thing associated with gender zed. Serval has like a small amount of serval-like spotting on their body so I think Severance will have dramatic rough-edged stripes on them but probably on some kind of equipment/accessory rather than their body since their whole thing is not merging things the way Serval does.

Serval could have some kind of AND symbol and Severance could have some kind of OR symbol.