Character: Serval

Misc things I knew but didn’t write down yet

  • Biotranscendents first learn the ropes by fusing living things into them, then learn to simply modify their body without this aid. Serval’s cat features came from a fusion with his cat when he was first learning, then he probably had a stage where he kept a serval, but now his serval features are his own he made independently.
  • In the Epic Age, Verity and Esteem both had more prominence than they have now. Now, Unity is one attribute that definitely has a lot of prominence.
    In the Epic Age,

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Mitrokh and the Forsaken Places

Ok so it’d been the case for a while I was thinking the “old” place(s) of Fantasy and Faith (before the “neo” ones, Salvare and Techanopia) were situated somewhere around Vvaghras, and Ariana was born and raised in one of them at some point. I also sorta knew I wanted to have this ethnic group called the Saout, whose name are kind of a play on “Nords” (like North/South), but didn’t quiiiite know where they came from. The FantaFaith place(s) in south Mitrokh seemed like a good candidate, but I still didn’t know where that was.

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A little bit ago I’d described Stablehand to myself as having no ships, but I just realised… that’s not true. There are plenty of side character ships, just no main character ships. :p (even drakefire is kinda 90% out)

All the main characters are kinda supposed to have stories around themselves and inner growth and discovering things about… a number of things. In one way Stablehand is kinda supposed to focus on what it seems is just generally too often forgotten: the fact everyone is unique and distinctive and has a life. Every day in the real world,

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First pic: man, I love it when I put completely unrelated things on the same page but they look like they might maybe be related and it looks like some kind of completely surreal story.

The “French Eridan” narration was one thing from an attempt to illustrate a conversation I had with Cleverbot about its version of Homestuck, the fishy things below it were a brainstorm of a new idea I had for Tyrian and the mechanics of how its Chayavana worked (in short, that Chayavana had taijitu-like swirling combos of darkness and light inside that represented the two sides of their personality and…

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i’m funding your journey through the Himalayas to study with monks to carefully hand-craft your own fursona. I’m pretty sure that only costs twenty bucks, yeah. That sounds about right.


why would you waste twenty whole dollars on a fursona when the one dollar bargain bin ones are just as good


Thing I posted on Skype because worldspoilers but now am putting here ’cause I’m being lax-er with the worldspoilers.

So anyway, I finally got off up my butt and figured out what I’m gonna do with the options interface (you know, the thingy that pops up when you are to select choices; this is a demo where I made it appear over and over to show a visual effect of the attribute you chose getting big and fading

As you might or might not remember from the first quarp [group roleplay] way back when,

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Oh god

So the main characters of Stablehand have little logos they wear a teeny bit like Homestuck characters (it’s kind of a general fad rather than a kid thing, but a fad that’s lasted a really long time, kinda like Pokémon)

I was just imagining Fuchsia wearing the Faith symbol like that

Then I tried to imagine who would wear the Machination symbol and I thought, no Kolonok has a weasel logo… hmm what about Serval

Thing is, Serval is sort of building an army of furries

And the Machination logo looks like this


I’m laughing so much

It was not supposed to be that literal

Oh god

Ok so I stumbled back onto this one post on tumblr about “the furry problem

As I was looking through it again I noticed the phrase “furry archetype”

And unexpectedly, my brain did entirely the wrong thing with the word “archetype”

You see, in RFS Serval has this faction called the Ocellated, and they’re kinda secretly experimenting with coaching people to help them learn to become “biotranscendents”, that is, people who can use cirque (this universe’s version of magic more or less) to wield the abilities of other living things

Originally I’d just thought of them as people who’d have trained animals or put bird wings on their backs or echolocate or photosynthesis or whatnot, like the technotranscendents have these techno-accessories they wield and sometimes merge with

I saw the phrase “furry archetype”

And I realised what if the next step Serval’s plotting in the dark depths of their office is to take the merging further and/or teach animals to become sentient biotranscendents and basically create an army of lethal animal-people

Jegus that would sure explain why Serval and their faction were doing everything hidden away from the outside world under the presumption it wasn’t “ready” yet