Character: Saralya

Tyrian: Saralya

Today I revamped a somewhat old character, Saralya. You can read all about her (or “it”, technically) on the corresponding dA page.

31/12/14 edit: Silly me, never realising nonbinary things could be referred to with gendered pronouns. In the future, I’ll stick with “she”. Also, no need to go there to read it.

Recently, having learned a lot more about dinosaurs, it kind of bothered me that I’d based a thing that was obviously supposed to have features of feathered dinosaurs on a more traditional scaled terrorlizard and just coincidentally tossed a couple of feathers on it as a random addition. So, I redrew it to look more like what it’s actually supposed to be: a feathered theropod.

Again, I forgot to include some of the markings because I wasn’t referencing the previous drawing (I have a bad habit of doing that XD) but I think it might overall just have fewer markings this time around because I think it looks a little “purer” and more mysterious that way.