Character: Remėx

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Ok so, Remėx got a sex change I guess

Today I was thinking, the thing with Remėx the Avian is I like the overall premise but I’d kinda lost interest in the main character and not known where to go.

It occurred to me that it was kinda like, my brain half wanted to treat Remėx as a fursona but half was like ‘what the fuck this fursona is totally unfitting’, and while another differently-divided half of my brain was like ‘um this doesn’t matter because Remėx isn’t supposed to be a fursona anyway’, that weird little dissonance had made me not sure how to interact with the character

I had this little….

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Well, I’m finally getting around to SVG-ifying Remix, this character I made I think last year when I got this spontaneous idea to make comics to explain stuff like copyright, sampling culture, copyleft licences, and similar things. Unfortunately I decided I had to make up a new art style for him and his comics, and that’s always kind of hard.

It’s seemingly going to give me a lot of opportunity to learn to do cool things with the Inkscape calligraphy brush though.