Character: Quietus

Stablehand: Quietus

I had this idea for Stablehand to create a number of great hexarts that each embody one of the many Destiny Attributes in the story (you’ll hear more about the Destiny Attributes later when I get all their symbols created). Among these, Quietus is the hexart that represents the Ruin Attribute. Nearly all who encounter him are destined for a gruesome, horrific death unless they have the sense to move far, far away before catching his notice.

When trying to design Quietus’ appearance, I was thinking this: you know, no matter how scary you try to make a dragon, nobody really succeeds at it any more. Even if you try really hard to make the thing look heartless and dangerous, it just backfires because “omg that’s so badass!“. Have you ever noticed that? It seems like it’s pretty much impossible to put wings or horns or spiky projections on something without making it look undeniably cool.

My goal with Quietus was to create a dragon that was really, truly scary. I think I failed. XD

Among other things, he has multiple mouths, great serrated scissor-arms in place of wings, and nozzles in his sides that squirt gastric acid. His skin is almost entirely covered in a protective mucus that prevents the acid solution from reducing him to nothing, but even so, he still has small scars remaining from thin areas that occurred in it previously. Oh, and he also has a giant rhinoceros-like horn on his chest.

And yet he’s still not scary. (sigh)