Character: Qamar

Yeah ever since I saw this post about a year ago I’ve been re-imagining Qamar

In the old version of Tyrian, Qamar was a male who was just a little bit quiet and weird.

In the new version, Qamar is female. However, she’s somewhat gender-nonconforming and tends to wear obscuring clothing to do kind of a Sheik-type thing. It’s not as if she wants to be perceived as male or even androgynous necessarily, and more like she likes to put on different personas without thinking about what “gender” they are first, and just kind of bask in the “gender” of each, whatever it is. She likes to be more disguised when around those she doesn’t trust closely but around Tyrian’s group will be more “herself”, often but not always a bit more feminine than the disguises.

Main Characters

Tyrian Dhumravarna (ティリアン・デュームラバーナ)

A somewhat naïve young man who seems to know almost nothing and doesn’t remember anything from before the day he suddenly woke up in the middle of an inexplicable, chaotic world with an unfamiliar dragon trapped inside him. All he does know is that teapots probably shouldn’t be levitating and pigeons don’t usually wear red bandannas with hammers and sickles on them… and he seems to be the only one who thinks things like that are the least bit weird. Puzzled, he’s decided to look into who and what’s responsible for the current state of things and try to stop that party if at all possible.

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