Character: Pterodaustro

Ok so, the revised series of events for the TTs after the 6kh story is out is this.

(spoilersish kinda for the story, “The Notice”; you may want to read it first)


Good going Pterodaustro

I had a dream that in some top-down Legend of Zelda game there was a small sidequest that was like one of those obstacle course races you have to do to win a piece of heart or some other semi-important item

For some reason the player character was Pterodaustro instead of Link?? A little sprited Pterodaustro with his black wingsuit-wetsuit and everything. And he wasn’t supposed to be doing this race, it was really for somebody else (maybe the actual Link, I don’t remember) who could be observed doing the race when he came in. But he was going to do it anyway.

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I’m divided on whether I should relegate to the cracktheory list the Techs each having a card suit

On one hand if it’s familiar modern card suits, that’s boring and uninspired, unless I’m Andrew Hussie

On the other hand alternative card suits like the German ones are pretty cool and with the German one I can still give T-daust (aka (David “Love” Vlang) hearts, which was prompted the idea in the first place

Ok so there’s Rotator Phoenix
Then there’s David Vlang AKA Pterodaustro AKA David Love
Then there’s Matutes Jin (last-first Aeterna style) AKA Vaheuhendi AKA Magna
And finally there’s Flash Karkira, AKA… Karkira.

The four of them form this quatrumvirate that’s the core of Zefír’s government, with each of them specifically in charge of one of four quadrants of it and things further being divided up to other people from there. Rotator is north, Pterodaustro is south, Magna is West, and Karkira is east.

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Oh good god
What if all four TTs were pretending to have something

Rotator pretends to have a (ex?)-girlfriend

Karkira pretends to have a horse

Pterodaustro pretends to have a spirit animal which is a winged whale

Vaheuhendi pretends to have a kinda Norse-style ethnic mythology involving “The Midlands” which she really just made up