Character: Princess

Princess and Zxelhziar


Princess is the mascot creature of Esteem, and the only attribute mascot to govern a country of Aluma. She constantly pushes the people of Vvaghras to be no less than excellent and amazing, which in a way sets their country up to do very well, but is also really hard on them, earning her the nickname “The Monster of Esteem”.

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I just realised that the whole thing with Princess versus Grævonia I came up with half a month ago is literally

The dragon knights are fighting to save people from the princess

I love that.

I just love the idea Ariana’s dad (when he’s still there) is telling her a story like
‘Once there was a great princess’
‘Was she really smart?’
‘Well, probably. But she was also horrifying.’


As Grævonia kind of prides itself in being esteemed knights without peer, they went and fought Vvaghras. Actually they went and fought everybody. That’s what all their sagas are about.

But the countries are still there so… they probably lost. It would be funny if they then went back home and were like yeah ok so we lost but WE TRIED OUR BEST and everyone was like YEAH! We tried our best and that’s awesome. We are truly esteemed warriors of saga.

It would make sense in a weird way if Grævonia was trying so hard at Esteem and trying to be esteemed saga warriors but wasn’t really…

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Oh yeah.
I realised earlier that probably Commander’s species name is not Commander but General
Like, as in, featureless and unspecific but also a military officer

It fits weirdly well with the dual nature of the mascots as both Directed (in this case Mach) and Undirected (in this case Clarity) I’ve been establishing with Jinhuáng, and…. mainly her. Dammit. But Princess, Xzhyrxiel, and Sophius all kind of have a hollow side that may have to do with indirection. Princess could definitely be connected to Ruin.