Character: Portent Rider

I like to think that in the Stablehand universe there are always two bathrooms, but they’re never labelled, so everywhere there are bathrooms people just kinda come up with nicknames for them based on the culture of the area, and all manner of only-slightly-funny jokes based on those nicknames

Like in Mazzul, where there’s kind of a directional theme going on (Nassak is named Nassak sa Marrekez meaning Nassak of the Centre, Hadjeza and Haikma are sort of thought of as West and East if I remember right), the bathrooms in a building might be referred to as “East” and “West”, so somebody like Haikma who is called East might be like well I guess I can’t use the West one

Subzero archetype

I really thought about it today and finally decided that yes, there is an “evil” counterpart to the superpower archetype:

The “subzero” archetype.

A subzero is kind of the Stablehand counterpart to a supervillain, but in the Stablehand universe things are just divided differently, so it’s not quite the same.

A superpower and a subzero both—to put it in the most basic way—get their power from a strong belief in what they’re doing, so at heart they’re pretty similar. The main difference between them is that a superpower uses their powers to bring about Direction while a subzero uses their power to bring about Indirection.

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★ for anyone. literally anyone. the first character that comes to mind when you think of the number 13. that one. do that one


Thirteen. Uh…………………………
Thirteen is eight plus five and minus one is four which is verity/portent


Before he became Portent Rider I feel like he was always that one infuriating guy who looks like he’s just sitting back and being lazy but is actually paying perfect attention/has a perfect handle on this

He has this spherical compass which would be standard issue in Aluma except he can turn the rings to shift to any latitude/longitude in the world, and maybe he just invented that out of boredom

The War, explained??

I may finally have an explanation for “The War”. maybe.

So Graznar is a Soulless, which is the opposite of a Soulful (recently I realised that’s not quite true and I explain that further down this post, but that’s not important right now). He has his HQ in Corazón, formerly the Heartland—home of the Soulful.

Now, I realised, Corazón is a weird name for that place to have.

Thing is, it’s kinda weird it would be named in Spanish, cause I don’t know of anywhere in Aluma that speaks Spanish. Grævonia speaks basically-English.

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Nassak’s surname is tentatively Marrekez (“of the centre”) now. I thought since his name was based on directional boundaries of constellations it might make sense if his surname was some direction, but Hadjeza seemed like he’d be West and Haikma would be East (because it makes sense that the wiser of the two would be associated with the sun :p) and Nassak kinda stands in the middle of them. Also it seemed like Hadjeza would not want Nassak to have the same name as him to make it less glaringly obvious he abandoned his son and something was up.

I need to figure out the dialect in Mazzul better, I can’t decide what the article for Marrekez should be. Al comes to mind but I’m not claiming the language is like Arabic, despite all the names being derived from it. It’s more like Arabic names are familiar to them the way Hebrew names are familiar to Anglophones.

Edit: it’s sa Marrekez now. “Nassak sa Marrekez” just kind of popped into my head, with no basis in anything, and I decided eh okay I guess I’ll go with that.

Stablehand: libre include roundup

By now I’ve got a number of libre songs that I didn’t create but have included in Stablehand (or considered doing so) under libre licences. There are a handful more less official ones on my tumblr, but here are the main ones right now to round out my music tag.

First of all there’s Portent Rider, aka Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado (DavidKBD). Portent Rider’s theme song. I already made a post about that, but here it is again for completeness. (BY-SA 3.0)

Then there’s Kyrielle (Denis RICHARD),

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Stablehand: Orienter, Portensilisk, Cragwing, Wanyanszar

This post was supposed to post some time ago but I never got the Arbiter’s design done so it just sat around instead until I had the good sense to take the Arbiter out and put it in a new post.

The Orienter (Synthesis + Desolation) is a kind of living compass, with eight floating arms that each “point” to one of the Directed attributes. It has a great directional sense, and will gladly give directions to whoever wants them, drawing from what seems to be an uncannily great knowledge of the layout of the universe.

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Ok so Portent Rider’s real name is Haikma, and he’s Hadjeza’s brother probably. Hadjeza, Haikma. (The joke is supposed to be that there’s this whole story I don’t wanna spoil right now but it’s basically about how people built walls contrary to common sense so Hadjeza (“barricade”) represent a wall whereas Haikma (“wisdom”) represents its opposite. :p)

I feel like those names should have some connection to “Karkira” though Karkira is nonsense and those two are Arabic words; seems funny those three names would all use feminine endings for male names but I like the way they sound so it feels like there should be a specific place names like that come from or something. Karkira was supposed to be descended from like a branch Sengra group or something but Hadjeza and Haikma wouldn’t quite fit in that, ergh.

Ok, I think this was the one I was trying to find.

This is, again, another one from El Ladrón Nocturno. I like it because it has this odd kinda quaint intro and then this random cool “chase” bit in the middle and overall I guess it kinda reminds me of Kyrielle as well as Portent Rider.

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