Character: Pantéras

Yeah, it seems like I’m going to drop Pantéras to NPC status or something, in favour of bringing back Shadow and adding Ssiv. He miiiiiight still get his same storyline actually, but just be kind of a small sidestory, with not much elaboration compared to the main characters’ storylines.

That way the main characters seem to come out to 12 with 3 groups of 4, which makes my synaesthetic brain a lot happier. :p

…Wait, except for Knight Cat. Stupid Knight Cat. :p

Then again I never was really going to consider him a main character. But then again again, I’m also not sure how counting Hughes or Red in this and not counting him makes sense because he’s probably more autonomous than they are to tell the truth.

Erg. Stupid Knight Cat. :p

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a lot of thin air

In central Volitia born and raised
In the small study where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out, drafting, setting the scene
Shootin’ off some discourse out on the green

When my dad decided I was up to no good
Kicked me straight up out of the neighbourhood
I said reform one time and my parents got scared
And I was hoverin’ off to govern o’er the realm of thin air

Some more chaosworks, rough ideas for the Ruminator, experiments for Nassak, Lance, and Panteras’ logos.

Pretty thematically consistent overall, right?


So… finally, Nassak and Pantéras! After you’ve repeatedly seen me post random things about them, finally you have some idea what they look like.

I think the theme of this page turned into “people with darkish skin and weird noses” halfway through… first you have Nassak, obviously, but then I decided the queen should have slightly brownish skin and a weird nose too. And then, because she had darkish skin and a weird nose, Pantéras ended up with them too. Though the weird nose looks less ugly on Pantéras and that was half-intentional.

(I kind of don’t like the name Ravenna but it was just what randomly popped into my head and I can’t think of anything else. XD)

By the way, the “ad” in her name means “to”. They have this system in Fulvopardia where they don’t care what gender the monarch is, and if you are somehow audacious and Willful enough to worm your way up to the unmarried monarch and have them accept you, you can marry them and become “ad-Volitio”. (I can only guess a bunch of people have failed and a handful have just been killed through the years and different reigns though, so it’s kind of scary. :p) Then, both monarchs have about equal status though the second one nominally is less important and gets less say in things; of course, they can and usually do power through that “limitation” to the point it practically doesn’t exist. This is the monarchy of Will after all.

I am guessing this has probably saved the monarchy since they don’t have anywhere near as much in the way of inbreeding problems.

Stablehand scrap update: 12/29 – 2/19

My grandma’s electric piano has a Conductor face. :p

Blender just does not know how to build a stellated icosahedron, does it? XD

This is going to be a Chaoswork Chimaera, one of my newer mystery beings.

A quick drawing on my tablet of a new form for the Observer, before I go take a much-needed shower.

I got the idea when I saw those realised ghostswords a few minutes ago.

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