Character: Nassak

So today I was thinking about Usmana, the destroyed “Spanish lion kingdom”, and how I was kind of turning aspects of it into my SF tribute by playing with what exactly ‘martial art’ means, and what I can do with a lion character in Stablehand what with lions being This Whole Thing in the worldbuilding. I’ll post about that later.

What that got me thinking about is what kind of weaponry Aluma uses in general.

I think that generally, people don’t really use firearms a lot. They’re a thing, but they’re considered kind of primitive since cirque can often be so effective against them.

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I like to think that in the Stablehand universe there are always two bathrooms, but they’re never labelled, so everywhere there are bathrooms people just kinda come up with nicknames for them based on the culture of the area, and all manner of only-slightly-funny jokes based on those nicknames

Like in Mazzul, where there’s kind of a directional theme going on (Nassak is named Nassak sa Marrekez meaning Nassak of the Centre, Hadjeza and Haikma are sort of thought of as West and East if I remember right), the bathrooms in a building might be referred to as “East” and “West”, so somebody like Haikma who is called East might be like well I guess I can’t use the West one


I had the most amazing and ridiculous image

Ok so you’re gonna need some context for this.

In Nassak’s story, there’s kinda this little exposition sequence that tells the story of how Vergoszya oppressed Mazzul, and it’s kinda supposed to evoke the style of a Bible story a little bit. It’s in draft like most story things in Stablehand but the gist of it (or the important part) is this

People (to monster snakes, desperately): What can we do to keep you out?

Vergo: You must build walls. Many, many walls. All over. Through everything. Separating everyone from everything and blocking everyone from everybody, so high that they even block out the sun. Make a tower of walls. A tower of towers of walls.Vergo: When you have put walls around everyone and everything, we will not breach them.

But of course the snakes are gonna come back anyway using the walls as an aid to corner the people

It just occurred to me today

They promise they’re not gonna break the walls but that doesn’t at all stop them from coming in over the walls

What if when they were invading, there were just these dark clouds of Portent hanging over the city and Portensilisks very literally rained out of them from the sky

The War, explained??

I may finally have an explanation for “The War”. maybe.

So Graznar is a Soulless, which is the opposite of a Soulful (recently I realised that’s not quite true and I explain that further down this post, but that’s not important right now). He has his HQ in Corazón, formerly the Heartland—home of the Soulful.

Now, I realised, Corazón is a weird name for that place to have.

Thing is, it’s kinda weird it would be named in Spanish, cause I don’t know of anywhere in Aluma that speaks Spanish. Grævonia speaks basically-English.

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Here’s another Stablehand post I have G.E.M. to thank for.
Note: if this sounds like guidebook material it’s cause it kind of is. Probably this’ll be rewritten and put in the guidebook in some form later.

So… Eterea have this thing called sustanszia (“substance”). Literally, it’s how much aethereal matter is in them. Practically, it acts like kind of a combined HP gauge and power level.

First of all, Eterea need a small amount of it to exist. If it runs out, they basically die.

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OCtober: Nassak

Ok the first thing to say about Nassak is I decided the thing from that one anime where the dude had a million bones and I was like that dude would move like a snake, is now canon for him. He can manipulate the bone structure in his body due to his half-aethereal nature that allows for otherwise impossible changes in his physical form, and use this to bend in ways no normal human being should be able to bend. In “snakebone form” he can coil his arms around objects to grip them or easily escape whenever caught in anything.

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I realised, probably Nassak can just walk through the Depths if he’s careful

Before now I’d always imagined there just being this sliding glass door at the back of the Saucer Nexus with a warning sign that had a stylised abyssal and “DANGER” or something, and if anybody stepped out into the Depths beyond that door the abyssals would just immediately eat them (Dark Teapot or an Insulator or somebody would probably just suddenly show up and block you from going out the door as soon as you opened it)

But Nassak has like Portent-sense, so he could detect abyssals before they snuck up on him,

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Ssiv could like go play a “song of stability” for Vergozsya and turn her into not really a mascot any more, leaving Nassak when he’s supposed to find her to just go “where is the monster of compulsion. where is my mother” because she went elsewhere

Y’know initially I thought of the Mascots as just being there, something that was necessary for the universe to be built but aren’t relevant any more

But now I think the image of if you destroy them their attribute is actually deleted from reality would be so weird and interesting. It kinda explains the whole thing of ‘Jinhuáng not being a mascot and being a human fucks with timelines because she becomes disconnected from the Aether’ better too.

If you delete Compulsion does that delete Faith, because Faith is kinda the ability to delete Compulsion…

*Faith has been fucking deleted, GOODBYE*
*Kris has a sequence of Faith wings in the background shifting into the totality symbol and is like wwwwhat just happened*

Flowspace ideas

  • Lance’s flowspace is a mess with sticky notes all over it a la the way he was in DCS
  • Jinfèng’s flowspace might be her interface with Dà Jinhuáng
  • Nassak’s flowspace has like, these infrequent flashes in the background of a silhouette of Vergozsya as kind of a “holy shit what the fuck was that” freakout type of thing. It should be a very military-looking thing with like idk mission objectives, a radar, that kinda thing. If there are any instruments they should actually do something though, I hate fake instruments.

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Nassak’s surname is tentatively Marrekez (“of the centre”) now. I thought since his name was based on directional boundaries of constellations it might make sense if his surname was some direction, but Hadjeza seemed like he’d be West and Haikma would be East (because it makes sense that the wiser of the two would be associated with the sun :p) and Nassak kinda stands in the middle of them. Also it seemed like Hadjeza would not want Nassak to have the same name as him to make it less glaringly obvious he abandoned his son and something was up.

I need to figure out the dialect in Mazzul better, I can’t decide what the article for Marrekez should be. Al comes to mind but I’m not claiming the language is like Arabic, despite all the names being derived from it. It’s more like Arabic names are familiar to them the way Hebrew names are familiar to Anglophones.

Edit: it’s sa Marrekez now. “Nassak sa Marrekez” just kind of popped into my head, with no basis in anything, and I decided eh okay I guess I’ll go with that.