Character: Nanta

Stablehand: Worldspoiler primer

So as you may or may not know, I’ve had a specific approach on Stablehand up to now.

There’s a good bit I haven’t told you, and a lot more things I’ve told you about but haven’t actually explained […]. I’m trying as much as I can to only tell you things the main characters or other relatively ordinary people already know.

I have discovered that while this makes for a great story, it is a horrible way to gain fans and feedback in the early stages.

And so comes the worldspoiler primer. In it I’m basically going to

give up on trying to pretend I can pull off the “mysterious world is mysterious gee I wonder what the explanation for that could be wow what is up with that” thing […] and (without changing my plans for the actual story), just start by telling people all the background like in a conventional story

I will assume nothing in this. I’m literally gonna start from zero, apart from especially clear tumblr posts I’ve made. And I’m gonna go up to everything I have figured out but actual current story plot of the actual main character stories (partly because they’re all in a bunch of little vague pieces in my mind anyway).

Obviously if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want any spoilers or doesn’t like to see worldbuilding explained all the way through before it’s relevant, this is not for you. My about tag might be a better place for you to learn about the story. But if you wanna know what’s up with Stablehand and its world and/or help me on it, and don’t mind background spoilers, I recommend you read it.

With that said, let’s get started. ~10500 words follow.


I have the weirdest idea for a mascot of Nothing (or maybe it’s not all that weird)

It’s like, literally made of utter vacuum, such that you can only see it when there is stuff around it, and it always appears as a flat silhouette though it’s actually 3-dimensional, kind of like a black hole

Not sure whether it would appear by pushing all the matter in its space out of the way or just kind of spontaneously destroy it in order to appear (that would definitely be unfortunate if there was anything important where it decided to turn up :p)

I kept thinking I might call it The Grand (some synonym of void) but then I couldn’t think of one so I think I may just literally call it The Grand because that sounds vaguely ominous in a weird way

Or maybe even “The ____”, pronounced “the”, as if its overwhelming powers of nothingness actually prevent anybody from giving it a proper name

Yeah, after reading someone’s old fanfic it kind of ruined using ____ as a name for me, if there was anything there to ruin. :p

I think I’ll just call that creature Nanta, the word for Nothing in MB language.

Bluh, I hate it when I have a really awesome idea but I can’t share it because it would be a huge spoiler.

(Yep, it happened again. XD)

I guess I can tell you a liiiiiiitle bit of it that isn’t quite a spoiler that I’d already figured out a while back. You know the Verity and Desolation symbols and how they look kind of like stars? Well… they’re basically actual stars somewhere.