Character: Magna Vaheuhendi

Ok so, the revised series of events for the TTs after the 6kh story is out is this.

(spoilersish kinda for the story, “The Notice”; you may want to read it first)


Mitrokh and the Forsaken Places

Ok so it’d been the case for a while I was thinking the “old” place(s) of Fantasy and Faith (before the “neo” ones, Salvare and Techanopia) were situated somewhere around Vvaghras, and Ariana was born and raised in one of them at some point. I also sorta knew I wanted to have this ethnic group called the Saout, whose name are kind of a play on “Nords” (like North/South), but didn’t quiiiite know where they came from. The FantaFaith place(s) in south Mitrokh seemed like a good candidate, but I still didn’t know where that was.

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I’d kinda been wondering what to do with Aeterna but now I’m pretty sure it will be this place with a bunch of different regions each with different cultures and aesthetics to the point when you take people from three different regions of Aeterna and put them next to each other they just look like a super eclectic assortment

Ssiv is from Helobia, a marshy region of Aeterna with a few small similarities to either Scotland or Ireland, I need to figure out more about it and also research to figure out which

Hexartia will probably be a part of Aeterna now, because with the eclectic regions thing it just fits perfectly to just have this random village of dragons where everybody around them is humans and if the hexarts weren’t really wanted in Grævonia it makes more sense they’d go over to Aeterna anyway

Magna was already gonna be from Aeterna but it just fits more now because if she’s Sengra and Ariana is Sengra they could be from the same region, sure would be ironic if its name actually meant “middle ground” but Magna didn’t think about that and is thinking the place she made up is totally distinct from it

Ok so there’s Rotator Phoenix
Then there’s David Vlang AKA Pterodaustro AKA David Love
Then there’s Matutes Jin (last-first Aeterna style) AKA Vaheuhendi AKA Magna
And finally there’s Flash Karkira, AKA… Karkira.

The four of them form this quatrumvirate that’s the core of Zefír’s government, with each of them specifically in charge of one of four quadrants of it and things further being divided up to other people from there. Rotator is north, Pterodaustro is south, Magna is West, and Karkira is east.

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Oh good god
What if all four TTs were pretending to have something

Rotator pretends to have a (ex?)-girlfriend

Karkira pretends to have a horse

Pterodaustro pretends to have a spirit animal which is a winged whale

Vaheuhendi pretends to have a kinda Norse-style ethnic mythology involving “The Midlands” which she really just made up