Character: Lance

weirdly good embodiment of lance’s attitude as he steps out into the New Era of retrolark,

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What if Lance went and BEFRIENDED all seven spectrum hexarts. Like they all just walk along behind him and he just has eight goddamn dragons following him everywhere. It’s like the silly “all the gym leaders join Ash” AU I made up one day but with dragons

He becomes the “Rainbow Commander” or some shit

New notes about Grævonia from today:

In Grævonia a common term for humans is “folk”. People commonly talk about the people of Grævonia as “the folk”, and use “folk” as a gender neutral term to replace “men”, “Man”, “ladies/gentlemen”, etc.

(Because Grævonia is loosely inspired by Anglo-Saxon type cultures rather than today’s cultures, I want to avoid terms that sound specific to 2010s America, like “-person” or “person” to replace “man”. But at the same time a very strong bullet in my mental ‘stablehand manual of style’ has always been ‘keep everything gender-neutral’. So, to compromise,

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Clarification about hexarts

I’m pretty sure now that the way hexarts work is this.

There’s just one hexart species, Hexartus multipotens. Being a hardy invasive species, it’s distributed almost across the entire globe. But there are many distinct populations, many of which have earned a subspecies name due to being around a long time and maintaining a few consistent traits.

  • There’s H. m. hinotoriae, which tends to be slender and fuzzy. It may have whiskers protruding out of its snout and/or front legs.
  • There may be another variant for Kskenghra,

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I used to wonder what an att could be

So as I’ve been programming Seven Heirs (Undertale tribute using the in-progress Stablehand engine) I’ve been learning some things about Stablehand/Sixteen Hues.

For 7h, I wanted to build a “Stablehand-style RPG-ish encounter system”, because RPG encounters are a big part of Undertale but I never thought about how one would work in Stablehand and thought that would be an interesting experiment. For reference, this is called the “Confrontation” system.

And I thought about how I was building it (or planning to), and realised, this pretty much illustrates exactly what attributes were/are supposed to be.

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So I was just thinking about Lance and Jinfeng and how they actually have a pretty neat duality
I was kind of aware of it back in the DCS days, realising that while Lance was a Knight of Blood (ow the edge) Jinfeng was a good ally as a Maid of Hope

But actually thinking about Stablehand and the gamebook format has made me realise some more things about them. Lance and his mother Stars Reims are highly associated with death and moody polar imagery. But Jinfeng and Jinhuang* are highly associated with life and revival.

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I’m completely positive that if Stablehand wasn’t named after Lance’s nickname and was just kinda randomly called Stablehand, I would still have decided by now that Lance had to be nicknamed Stablehand for the ‘obviously the main character of the series must always be named the series name’ joke

It just hit me that like, Lance is a (nominally) “dark edgy“ character who thinks about death a lot. …In a gamebook.

This didn’t have any explanation until now, it just was like, ‘his name is Lance Scharf, that sounds like the name of somebody who would be weirdly moody and obsessed with blood and guts‘

But the thing with early gamebooks was writers were lazy so instead of having interesting choices you would just either get the right choice or die all the time

I think it would be funny if

One of Lance’s “things” is that he writes these weird stories that seem normal-ish but just. The heroes just die at inopportune times, some these big dramatic tragedies but most of them are almost anticlimactic

And when people ask “what kind of stories are these“ he’s just like “the stories of people who made very bad decisions“

What Originators really are

I thought about Ariana’s flowspace again and

My new image of it is that maybe there’s literally like a little world in there. A sort of small world, kinda fuzzy beyond its boundaries, but it’s there.

There’s like this meeting room in there where she and her characters can meet to discuss strategies, and these rooms each of the characters can pass time/sleep in if she needs to put them away for safekeeping. It’s kind of like an oddly thorough explanation of the RPG trope where party people clown-car into the main character to make the screen less cluttered :p

All the areas in Ariana’s flowspace world are mainly given details by her characters;

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Lance’s antecedent, Fauchard, is also named after a pole weapon. (As of today Fauchard is now joined by Bill, Voulge, Sovnya, Runka, and Woldo as part of his group. I can’t believe those are all weapon names, especially Bill.)

25/04/16 Edit: Bill is a woman (with a toucan-looking hexart) and Woldo and his dragon have striped patterns he insists are all-terrain camouflage. Runka’s dragon has a crescent through its body; Voulge and Sovnya are lightweight and heavyweight types respectively that betray their aesthetic.