Character: Kris

For Kris there was a scene I’d always had in my head that I now realise should be a bit different

Kris quotes a bunch of facts about Fuchsia the Superpower and Kate is like how do you know all that, so Kris (after pulling it out of her flow-merge watch) holds up the first volume of a “historical fiction” comic about her, of which there are like 8 kinda thick volumes

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I kept listening to that Nostalgia Critic parody song about grimdark Superman because I love it

And a few words just kinda stuck in my mind

Through the inspiring words of my father,
I’ll become a symbol, an icon
A saviour to restore hope to those who have none

Because I think about everything way too much, I just kind of thought about those words

And finally realised that basically, those words are a quick summary of why I like the song and think it’s so funny and on-point.

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So like, there’s absolutely going to be a crossover ending between Kris and Sleipnir/Hughes

But. It was supposed to be from the beginning—and I forgot—that Kris can either opt to defend or bring in Sleipnir and Hughes

If she brings them in, well, that’s the easier ending. Sleipnir would probably agree to it, because it’s his thing that he ultimately wants to go “clean”… Hughes on the other hand would probably fly away believing that he’d done nothing wrong in his life, just because he never had any intent to do evil.

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Fancy rep1icaWatches for you, just like Aeterna-made

I was just kind of thinking about Kris’s flow merge

Originally I imagined it just being a bracelet but like, what if it was a watch

A really fancy watch with tessellated crystally blue diamond shapes, like one of those fake rolex type things

(They probably make some fairly fancy watches in Aeterna given watches are the major product of Aeterna, Aeterna, so in one way it only makes sense for other places like Easboro to try to cash in on that by making vaguely similar fancy watches for cheaper)

I’m imagining her doing this stylised gesture of swinging her arm over and pressing down the face like a button like it’s Literally The 90s,

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Salvare’s secret

I was thinking about whether it made sense for Sanctuary City to be in Salvare or not, and actually I think it might make a lot of sense

Because think about it

We have this whole debate (or “debate” considering its civility) going on right now about refugees who are coincidentally from the one actual place where terrorists might be disguising themselves as refugees and America wouldn’t be massively overreacting to the risk of terrorism

If the Faith attribute is about accepting basically anybody, but also has “superpower” as one facet of it, it seems all too likely that this weird “superpower theatre”

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Fractality and Aiyalam

So today I was just kind of idly thinking about Arkturuse and their song for some reason, sort of singing it while slightly thinking about how I’d improve it when the time came to redo it from lazily putting music to too many words into being an actual song more suiting of my prog rock type sensibilities

And that kinda made me briefly think about Stolen Heart and Aiyalam’s songs (which were incidentally in a similar state)

And then I just kinda on the spot started making up a NEW song for Aiyalam.

That kinda got me thinking about how my thoughts on the Synthesis attribute have changed very recently and how perhaps,

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I got this silly idea one morning while using the restroom that if Kris can save Kate from a bad ending, she should totally be able to save everyone from a bad ending if you just go to a bit of extra effort to go back and find each of them

The idea was that, in addition to if you had done the Dio ending and then went to Kris’s story and manually saved her, Kris would also appear automatically if you’d got a sufficiently good ending for her previously, and then you went and were on the Dio ending for Kate
Because Kris is just that faithful to Kate

But honestly, if Faith is all about doing the impossible For Good and not being ashamed of being ridiculous Kris should totally be able to go save everyone from a bad ending if she puts her mind to it, not just Kate. :p

OCtober: Kris

Ok so it’s been kind of my sketchcanon for a while that Kris had a ‘hammerspace’ rôle object of some sort to keep stuff in.

Now I feel like, though she does have a sense for the practical, Kris is actually not a rough industrial type, she’s a medium-flashy type*—probably it’s not just her, but popular among women in Easboro to carry these accessories. The kind of thing “no woman in her right mind would be without”.

Men probably use them too, even at a fairly close frequency to women, just don’t as often customise them and use them as accessories… but of course there will be geeks who do just that and use them like a secret garage to keep a ton of tools in and hang up a stylish coat of arms in them or such.

This, probably, is Kris’s flowspace actually. She can probably step straight into it like in that one SNES game where the dude has a cube and he walks in and it has rooms and it’s his inventory (I wish I could remember what game that is, haha). And it’s probably this awesome Disney-esque geometric blue crystal castle thing, when I remember her old chat handle as a homestuck was crystallineSpiretops.

Hmm. Now what are they called. Flow merge? Flow chain? Space yoke? I don’t like any of those haha.
I’ll go with Flow merge/flow yoke I guess.

Nonbinary in the "real way"

I wrote eighteen thousand words about my gender. Which, by the way, is literally nearly as much as my Stablehand explanation post (aka WSP) and “autobiography” post combined, which were ~10k words each. (It took me two weeks.)

It’s a lot, but I needed to get it out.


Ssiv could like go play a “song of stability” for Vergozsya and turn her into not really a mascot any more, leaving Nassak when he’s supposed to find her to just go “where is the monster of compulsion. where is my mother” because she went elsewhere

Y’know initially I thought of the Mascots as just being there, something that was necessary for the universe to be built but aren’t relevant any more

But now I think the image of if you destroy them their attribute is actually deleted from reality would be so weird and interesting. It kinda explains the whole thing of ‘Jinhuáng not being a mascot and being a human fucks with timelines because she becomes disconnected from the Aether’ better too.

If you delete Compulsion does that delete Faith, because Faith is kinda the ability to delete Compulsion…

*Faith has been fucking deleted, GOODBYE*
*Kris has a sequence of Faith wings in the background shifting into the totality symbol and is like wwwwhat just happened*