Character: Kolonok

OCtober: Sleipnir

What’s been established about Sleipnir:

He and Hughes were originally members of the Kolonok expedition, who all got voidified and basically killed, but cause they merged with the void these two, at least, came back as voidfolk later*. Sleip has a bunch of different forms, all assumable via various cards that randomly appeared in his wallet when he was reborn. From Sleip’s point of view, he just woke up one day at 20~30something without a past or an identity.

Sleip and Hughes currently live in Sanctuary City, Salvare, a slightly suspicious city that doesn’t ask questions and as long as it doesn’t openly catch you doing anything (it wants to keep its streets safe for all who stay carefully out of trouble),

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The Legend of Kolonok

There’s a story of a man who had ambition like a whale
He might not’ve saved no maidens or put on no ornate mail
But the truth of it is that bloke was bravest of the brave
There’s not and never ever will be none to trudge the road he paved

Now this man known as Kolonok had whiskers like a fox
And although they were a-grayin’ he had mostly brownish locks
His colleagues all respected him until the day he said

“I’m gonna prove there’s no true magic or I’m gonna end up dead.”

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Good grief, it seems like I’m getting a lot more good translations than usual out of this phrase. I was just trying to get BT to give me a name to call the world of Stablehand but just look at what else came out of it:

  • The new name. Malaysia is unique in the world, awareness and Kate. (This one may seem unremarkable but nothing resembling “Kate” was anywhere in the original text)
  • Usually, this is a great vid. (All I can imagine is some really weird person who keeps watching the same video frequently but then suddenly it’s different to them somehow)
  • He came into the world.

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Stablehand: The Legend of Kolonok

It’s not every day I randomly decide to write a ten-minute-long narrative folk song (with a banjo and a honky-tonk piano no less), but a couple days ago I did.

It tells the story of Kolonok, an explorer who posits that there must be some reasonable, non-supernatural explanation for Destiny Attributes and rôle objects and decides to go to the dreaded far north to see if the explanation is hiding there.

Here are the lyrics!