Character: Knight Cat

OCtober: Knight Cat (and my return to Sanguo?)

This day was supposed to be for Knight Cat but I’ll include Ariana’s other OCs in it a bit too :p

Generally, Ariana’s OCs have a weird trend that they all kind of vaguely look like misinterpretations of popular media, usually geared toward kids but not always. This wasn’t something I was really trying to do, but it’s just too strong an accidental theme to ignore at this point so I’ve decided to flow with it.

Knight Cat, for one, is kind of like a misinterpretation of Warrior cats what with his kin group of cat knights that live in a mountain pass.

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I never bothered to finish [Pokémon] X so I’m just now seeing the story of Az (sp?) and I’m laughing oh my god

“Horrible people destroyed my beloved pet cat so I’mma build a terrifying superweapon to teach this fucking world a lesson”

Edit: I suddenly imagined it being Knight Cat’s brother [that was killed and resurrected] and him going up to his brother and being like “Brother!” and then I was like hold the fuck on I’m getting that from somewhere. Where am I getting it from. Goddammit.

And then I realised I was accidentally referencing OFF.

Some quickly put-together pics of Ariana and her OCs for roleplay purposes. A few parts of what’s to follow may be a little confusing if you aren’t in the roleplay, so I’ve readmored it.


Peter Trimming / CC-BY

Guylaine Brunet / CC-BY

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The dog isn’t cat enough, knowing the parables’ structure. Haha, at leats finish the line art for the picture (which i still can’t get over this dog isn’t cat enough, knowing the opening. Her only trait is that he’s always all up in ssocpimping the new piss spears album still. Aegislash all up in ssocpimping the new stuff. Just bumped it all up in the game at that slime linked a newegg ad earlier in the game

I was looking through my document where I keep cleverbad translations for inspiration and found the phrase “Jude the cat” in one of them so I guess Knight Cat has a name now, heh. He’ll probably still go by Knight Cat most of the time though because that’s catchier.

(Thanks to OFF my fingers always want to type Judge instead of Jude though :p)

Also I stumbled back onto a line about “usually black dog as a nerd” so Knight Cat and Nerd Dog are a team now

Nerd Dog usually goes by Barry since he’s usually a human though

Takumi: Earlier today I got a really interesting idea for what to do with Ariana. Previously all I had established about her was that she was Fantasy, had an interesting father, something something T.S. Bern, something something Knight Cat.

“: But today I got this idea that maybe Knight Cat was basically like her OC and she has this ability to kind of cause things she imagines to coincidentally creep into the real world. I haven’t really figured out the extent of this or how often it will happen but basically I have this idea that Knight Cat was this silly thing she drew a couple of times and then at some point her village was like in danger for… idk, some reason, and Knight Cat appeared and fought off the attackers.

“: I have this idea that she is REALLY good at imagining things but she’s like absolutely terrible at drawing them or describing them.

Stablehand: Evacuator

Well, here it is finally. The Evacuator.

For a long time, I was on the fence about whether to reveal much of anything about this one early since it’s extremely rare and enigmatic in universe, to the point that I almost felt like revealing it would be a spoiler. But then I introduced it in my friends’ patchwork roleplay, and I couldn’t really keep everything about it a secret any more. So here it is. And here’s a little bit about it:

The Evacuator is a creature of intense nothingness, which seems to be made simply of empty space surrounded by armour. It’s extremely rare for anybody to see one, but rumour has it that it’s also extremely dangerous. In fact, to some, an Evacuator appearing is practically synonymous with death.

The thing at the top of the page is a very quick and not very good doodle of “knight cat”, who will be a part of the Ariana storyline. You’ll hear more about it when I get to Ariana herself.

Some more chaosworks, rough ideas for the Ruminator, experiments for Nassak, Lance, and Panteras’ logos.

Pretty thematically consistent overall, right?

Barry has lots of advantages. What are the benefits of Barry? At the end of the year on the roof to release Knight cat in the country. In the year of the horse smoke bridge day, cats and rabbits will not be the same. Cats and rabbits will never be the same.

Horse smoke bridge day.

Sounds like some kind of weird Hinotorian historical event…