Character: Kira

Nall Ssingalain

Ok I finally gave them a name after all this time

The person who unified Aeterna is named Nall Ssingalain.

Their ‘family name’ means “none”; it’s supposed to be cognate with “null”. (I imagine it was already a regular word too and when being poetic Aeterna might well write “all or nall”. :p) It was a very untraditional choice up to their time that they chose to reflect their ideology of non-affinity with any faction or clan, though probably recurs in some small frequency in the modern era as people who identify with them do the same.

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Another DCS spoiler

This time I decided to do some relatively quick sketches of the…



Can you guess who they match up with?

Anyway, from left to right…

SIS is into flashy jewelry and astrology. She’s a kind of middling nobody singer/songwriter who wishes she was a famous pop star.

DAD is kind of stern but overall a nice guy. He believes a lot in good honest work, living without regrets, and following one’s intuitions.

CUZ is into gardening and botany, and kind of adventurous. Unfortunately, he got lost on some kind of great botany-related expedition, and had to be replaced by the somewhat strict and no-nonsense AUNT on the far right. Who I might end up redesigning a little.

HONOURABLE GRANDFATHER is kind of aloof and cryptic and mostly just sits in his chair or stands around looking out the window a lot looking like he might or might not be displeased about something.

“Sis” (Kira) was pretty much the only one of these I re-used for Stablehand about as-is. The others kept the “scratch” names I came up with (Lars, Karl, Baihu), but were basically redone.