Character: Kazahiko

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Tyrian Dhumravarna (ティリアン・デュームラバーナ)

A somewhat naïve young man who seems to know almost nothing and doesn’t remember anything from before the day he suddenly woke up in the middle of an inexplicable, chaotic world with an unfamiliar dragon trapped inside him. All he does know is that teapots probably shouldn’t be levitating and pigeons don’t usually wear red bandannas with hammers and sickles on them… and he seems to be the only one who thinks things like that are the least bit weird. Puzzled, he’s decided to look into who and what’s responsible for the current state of things and try to stop that party if at all possible.

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3 Things I noticed while colouring the Nebuliser

  • The Nebuliser is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL
  • It’s just a little bit like a white Suguri or the “Suguri-cat” thing I drew a few years ago colour-scheme-wise
  • Just going from the story I have so far for Ariana (not including her design because I haven’t done that yet :p) she’s kind of like a genderbent Kazahiko actually XD (Kazahiko is/was one of my main characters for Tyrian, and it looks like they’re both going to have a sky cat and a missing dad and want to go on a big quest to set things right XD)