Character: Jinfeng

The Awesome Brotherhood

I was just thinking about how some palaeontology fans refer to intentionally inaccurate dinosaurs as “awesomebro” and then

I just kinda imagined this group of punkish people with terrorlizards stylishly soliciting you to “come join the awesome brotherhood” in the tone you’d say “come to the dark side”

I think that’s kind of a great and amusing name and also concept so I’m kinda thinking about adding it to Stablehand because I know they’d get into so many great shenanigans. The name sounds like some kind of secret society freemasons shit and I imagine people talking about them with a weird amount of respect while in the actual group they are just a bunch of losers who pull weird performance art to see what they can accomplish kinda.

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If Jinfeng is sorta like the adopted kid to Ariana’s mom’s band member’s girlfriend does that make them almost stepsisters

…That’s not the right word at all, but it’s close enough Ariana might think it was with her whole words thing :p

Makes me think that maybe Ariana might discover or invent (probably like with the story of T.S. Bern, misremember and embellish) a story about the “Flaming Stepsister” that is supposed to vaguely hint at Jinfeng. That sounds kinda like a very weird corruption of Cinderella

Recently I decided that Sleipnir and Hughes would probably be demoted from main characters to Antecedents,

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Rotator Phoenix is probably a Chosen honestly

The “Chosen” archetype that I had floating around in my head for so long is probably literally just, a Mascot creature chooses you. You’re a Chosen now, bye

I was just thinking about Jinhuang’s story, how she chooses Jinfeng and makes her a Chosen, but how before that she chose Rotator to change the world by bringing in the age of technotrance

If Jinfeng and the Techs meet up I was at first imagining this thing where Jinhuang has to awkwardly reveal she is Kyrielle but also a bird, but it seems like there’s so much more potential than that for Jinfeng and Rotator to realise that they’re both part of this big, weird thing centred around The Hfenix and changing the world and like, what that means

So I was just thinking about Lance and Jinfeng and how they actually have a pretty neat duality
I was kind of aware of it back in the DCS days, realising that while Lance was a Knight of Blood (ow the edge) Jinfeng was a good ally as a Maid of Hope

But actually thinking about Stablehand and the gamebook format has made me realise some more things about them. Lance and his mother Stars Reims are highly associated with death and moody polar imagery. But Jinfeng and Jinhuang* are highly associated with life and revival.

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I’m liking the idea that Baihu, just as in DCS, has kind of this vague cowboy theme, but also as in DCS he never rode a horse and instead it was some kind of archosaur like a bird or a basal dragon (in DCS I was gonna have him and others riding ostriches as a reference to chocobos and Joust, where Baihu says something like ‘every self-respecting video game hero has to know how to ride an ostrich’. I’m paraphrasing that cause I don’t remember, it was probably worded better than that. :p)

Anyway like, Jinfeng’s grandpa was a legit Antecedent with some riding skills, who knows what his story was but he’s somebody cool. And Jinfeng kinda takes it for granted, although they live on a small farm and it’s possible they have things to herd. Jinfeng and her cat do a number of the smaller tasks though, the cat might actually do the herding as it’s a domestic “pard” and it’s basically dog sized. Can regular cats herd things? I’ve never heard of that.

OCtober: Jinfeng

Jinfeng. Hmm.

Ok the first thing I can say about JF is, I actually have SOME idea about Hinotorian tones now! So at the very least, I know “Jinfèng” is outdated.

The way tones work is, each part of speech has an offset of +/-x ‘notes’ you can use but don’t have to, to make the sentence more clear. That is, nouns have one, verbs have another, adjectives have another, idk maybe adverbs have another, and so on. There are probably multiple ways to distinguish each part of speech, as well as definitely some slack for how big the offset’s magnitude is.

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Jinfèng’s area may actually be in the same area like province or at least territory as the Baj Kun area

The thing is, I realised the other day when editing the lifecomp entry for flarefowl* that if they use the name “Huang” in Aeterna for the bird and Huang people, the Mandarin-style romanisations (whose origin I didn’t know previously) might actually come from like, this little enclave of Aeterna inside Hinotoria

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Flowspace ideas

  • Lance’s flowspace is a mess with sticky notes all over it a la the way he was in DCS
  • Jinfèng’s flowspace might be her interface with Dà Jinhuáng
  • Nassak’s flowspace has like, these infrequent flashes in the background of a silhouette of Vergozsya as kind of a “holy shit what the fuck was that” freakout type of thing. It should be a very military-looking thing with like idk mission objectives, a radar, that kinda thing. If there are any instruments they should actually do something though, I hate fake instruments.

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What relation does the jīnhuáng have to the hwnzj?


Jinhuáng is kinda… their mythical matriarch. She was named Dà Jinhuáng by the Hinotorians* because she looks like a giant golden version of them.

The flarefowl/hwnzj are a common mortal species, but they have a mythical counterpart, the Hfenix, which is a huge flarefowl-like bird that wields flame powers and cannot die normally; there’s also a weird rule that there can only be exactly one at any given time though if it is destroyed (highly unlikely but technically possible) another one can and will form somehow. Jinhuáng is this Hfenix.

I like how my writing and shipping are completely separate

There are a few of my characters I effectively kinda ship a little bit, but I’m just like “gee I have no idea if this pairing is going to happen or not, better wait and see I guess”