Character: Io

New term: the cloaks Kokorononai members are equipped with (didn’t really explicitly discuss them before ever but they were a thing and I mentioned them like once in a roleplay) are called heart veils, and Kokorononai (probably) invented them. Heart veils are transparent, nearly invisible cloaks that, when put on, start to assume the appearance of something else on the outside, usually some kind of canid (wolf, dog, jackal, coyote) for Kokorononai members. When fully on they replace the wearer’s external form with their own—though the outside of your body behaves like the new form and it feels natural you keep your own physiology internally so it’s like an unimaginably realistic costume kinda.

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Stablehand: libre include roundup

By now I’ve got a number of libre songs that I didn’t create but have included in Stablehand (or considered doing so) under libre licences. There are a handful more less official ones on my tumblr, but here are the main ones right now to round out my music tag.

First of all there’s Portent Rider, aka Sin rumbo fijo, pero avanzado (DavidKBD). Portent Rider’s theme song. I already made a post about that, but here it is again for completeness. (BY-SA 3.0)

Then there’s Kyrielle (Denis RICHARD),

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Stablehand scrap update: 4/20~10/31

The interval between these only gets longer, but at least this time it’s mostly because I’ve actually been posting things as proper posts instead of in here. Still, there are a few things.

First, the Observers’ colour is apparently called “atoll” as I found out on this neat website. Neat bit of trivia. I remember back when all MBs were going to be variations of that colour, a time this post still hasn’t gotten out of.

My mind couldn’t think of the word “papaya”,

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This page is a little embarrassing to me because it has some complete fails at drawing Io on it (the skeleton was me going ‘what do bodies look like again?’ and trying to remind myself by drawing a generic skeleton :p that will teach me to not try to draw people when I can’t look up references I guess)

What I’m much less embarrassed of, and uploaded to show you, is the character logo sketches I plan to vectorise soon. Lance’s, Ssiv’s, Sleipnir’s, and Ariana’s in a counterclockwise circle around the Yanha shape I drew to draw markings on but didn’t (:p), to be specific. There are also some attempts at Io’s logo but I don’t really like how any of them came out.

La Kamel!

I like the main instrument for some reason and the “Egyptian” stuff goes oddly well with it. It’s like somebody with a slightly Egyptian-inspired design is on a super important secret mission in this really ‘fabulous’ city at night.

Not SH as there’s too much emotion in it, but maybe one of his various workers. :p

I dunno, it might also be fun to try to remix this using my sitar instead of the background instruments.

Reposted under the CC-BY-SA.

Forgot to mention this, but this is basically Io’s theme now, and has been for a while. It suits her concept and attitude fairly perfectly.

The rest of the "aethereal trio"

My various methods of coming up with new details had already suggested a lot of underlings for Stolen Heart, as well as a rival (his name is Arkturuse, and he’s the avian-looking one, as you can see). Yesterday, though, I randomly decided that there should be another major player in whatever it is these weird masked spirit guys are doing, and the three of them should somehow “make sense” together as a whole—since Stolen Heart mostly lacks emotion and there was another one, I kind of figured the other two should be lacking in other things.

So, Stolen Heart mostly lacks emotion (but is pretty good at reasoning), Arkturuse mostly lacks reason and common sense (but has a lot of emotion), and Aiyalam lacks a sense of morality (but is decent at seeing things “as they are” in a harsh, unforgiving reality, aside from the fact he tends to overdo it).

Here are all three of the “aethereal trio” for Stablehand in one post: Stolen Heart, Arkturuse, and Aiyalam (who I just drew yesterday).

(Why I didn’t post the one of Stolen Heart here way back when I actually drew it, I’m not sure. XD)

Gosh, these are so “old art”-looking by now, especially the Arkturuse and Io, wow. I dropped the scarab thing for SH and Io’s probably not going to look much of anything like that.