Character: harbinger

Stablehand: Portent Rider

Ok, before I say anything else, let me get one thing absolutely straight: I didn’t create this song, nor did anybody purposefully create it for me. The title isn’t just a coincidence either; it had a different title, but that’s my new nickname for it now.

Now, with that out of the way, I present Portent Rider. It was created by DavidKBD (source here), and I’m now reposting it places under the CC-BY-SA, because remix culture is a beautiful thing.

Portent Rider, along with a handful of others, is basically a historical figure in the Stablehand universe. But there’s a bit of a twist as far as Portent Rider himself is concerned—unlike the others, I recently decided that he actually came from the future. Other than that I still need to work out his story, but one thing I’ve decided on is that he rides some kind of odd mechanical horse-ATV hybrid that’s somehow as fast and smooth as a motorcycle. (Initially it was just going to be a mechanical horse, but when I heard this song it immediately evoked “motorcycle” so… :p)

I love this song. I mean, it’s just the perfect theme for this guy. First it has that ominous buildup, and then those oddly dissonant sax chords as the main melody, and then it just slips into some silly kind-of-retro-sounding randomness that oddly fits with the general style of Stablehand and particularly these past guys’ story. All in all, I don’t think anything could possibly fit better.

Aaaand these are the rest of them! For Stablehand, anyway.

Lightray eels (I just came up with that as a thing to call the picture and then suddenly it struck me that it was actually a genius pun); a thing where I was experimenting around with logos and also designing the Votsal; a page where I doodled Portent Rider’s horse (which I’m thinking will have a different appearance now), an alternate form for Ikazuchi (Tyrian, not Stablehand), and a doodle where I was quickly recording a couple of slogan ideas for SH’s organisation (it may be hard to read but the idea is there’s like a big picture of him with a quote under it, the way a company sometimes does when it wants to be ‘motivational’, but the quote just says “do your job” :p); a design for the Qualifier; my almost-current mystery being table I decided to stop working on in favour of the one I have in my xml file and my HTML one (the two of which will eventually just be one chart created out of the xml file, probably).

Whew! That was a really brief description and it was still pretty long.