Character: Hadjeza

I like to think that in the Stablehand universe there are always two bathrooms, but they’re never labelled, so everywhere there are bathrooms people just kinda come up with nicknames for them based on the culture of the area, and all manner of only-slightly-funny jokes based on those nicknames

Like in Mazzul, where there’s kind of a directional theme going on (Nassak is named Nassak sa Marrekez meaning Nassak of the Centre, Hadjeza and Haikma are sort of thought of as West and East if I remember right), the bathrooms in a building might be referred to as “East” and “West”, so somebody like Haikma who is called East might be like well I guess I can’t use the West one

Nassak’s surname is tentatively Marrekez (“of the centre”) now. I thought since his name was based on directional boundaries of constellations it might make sense if his surname was some direction, but Hadjeza seemed like he’d be West and Haikma would be East (because it makes sense that the wiser of the two would be associated with the sun :p) and Nassak kinda stands in the middle of them. Also it seemed like Hadjeza would not want Nassak to have the same name as him to make it less glaringly obvious he abandoned his son and something was up.

I need to figure out the dialect in Mazzul better, I can’t decide what the article for Marrekez should be. Al comes to mind but I’m not claiming the language is like Arabic, despite all the names being derived from it. It’s more like Arabic names are familiar to them the way Hebrew names are familiar to Anglophones.

Edit: it’s sa Marrekez now. “Nassak sa Marrekez” just kind of popped into my head, with no basis in anything, and I decided eh okay I guess I’ll go with that.

Ok so Portent Rider’s real name is Haikma, and he’s Hadjeza’s brother probably. Hadjeza, Haikma. (The joke is supposed to be that there’s this whole story I don’t wanna spoil right now but it’s basically about how people built walls contrary to common sense so Hadjeza (“barricade”) represent a wall whereas Haikma (“wisdom”) represents its opposite. :p)

I feel like those names should have some connection to “Karkira” though Karkira is nonsense and those two are Arabic words; seems funny those three names would all use feminine endings for male names but I like the way they sound so it feels like there should be a specific place names like that come from or something. Karkira was supposed to be descended from like a branch Sengra group or something but Hadjeza and Haikma wouldn’t quite fit in that, ergh.

Whenever I think for a moment that Stablehand is not awesome I remember that it has a city in the sky governed by four newage pop idols with fancy anime-logic techno-weapons, a canon country of Afro-Asians who were said to come from the ashes of the Single Great Phoenix and while they seem peaceful and quiet are actually this badass unifying force that steps in whenever there’s any really huge problem in the world, shield-cheetah-ferret-foxes made of glowing water stuff, “sir lord señor manly majestic spanish caballero falcon boss of idealistic narcissism” who on one hand is exactly what he appears to be but on the other has like this army of dignified women in suits who get stuff done, and a catdude who wants to change the entire way the world works and takes orders from a big skaterayleopard with an axe head

But then again, whenever I think for a moment that Stablehand is this serious, coherent, respectable thing I think about how Nassak’s storyline is basically unintentionally this really weird AoT/MGS crossover with 100% more time-travelling motorcyclists and 200% more black people where people are fighting to keep giant terrifying Portent-basilisk-snakes out of their town and Machination-eyepatch-dude is their main guy and I laugh nervously


When I was starting out on that last post, before it turned into [spoilers redacted], it was supposed to be about how “jeez, why is Nassak increasingly turning more and more into a huge stealth MGS reference on me XD”

Because, well, obviously, Nassak and Hadjeza have a snake theme, they’re both kinda Machination, and they both have this wall thing going on which suggests they’re tough and sturdy. I actually had to try pretty hard when coming up with Nassak’s chapter title to not make it “Solid Hognose” or a close synonym because I really wanted to convey the idea that he was firm and unwavering like a wall but at the same time I was like “no no no everybody’s just gonna see that and think Solid Snake XD”. (I eventually picked “Shrewd Hognose”.)

Beyond that there’s the fact I can’t picture Hadjeza without an eyepatch now (this did actually come from the original shitty Nassak having one as a deliberate MGS reference because shitty, but it was kept on Hadjeza because I thought the unrelated reason I’d made up for the shit character having one was actually pretty neat and wanted to transfer that) and, well, the thing I just dropped on you that kinda makes him the “Big Boss” of Stablehand a teeny bit.

It’s really funny because, like, it’s all mostly just a really gigantic coincidence but it just, well, <comic sans>kEeps haPpening</comic sans>.

Next there are going to just accidentally be mechas somehow

Whoa, I just got a pretty interesting idea for Nassak.

What if, like, he’s trying to protect everyone against this unseen danger he can’t characterise and sort of trying to round up a bunch of people to sort of build a contingency plan, but…

He’s the danger. It’s him.

His dad, when he was around, was trying to protect everyone against the Portensilisk, but it turns out his own SON is actually part Portensilisk and nobody knew it.

Oh god

What if this Portensilisk had actually figured out a way to breed with humans

And it literally raped him

And he ended up giving birth to Nassak through like some kind of emergency procedure since, you know, even if MBs can reshape their body to be more suitable for various purposes, his body still wasn’t designed for that…

And that’s why he left

Because he knew nobody would believe him if he said a big monster snake came out of nowhere and raped him, and he knew Nassak was part Portensilisk and he was going to have to kill him one day but he didn’t want to

Oh god, this storyline is getting really sad and kinda disturbing really quickly.