Character: Eva Sfiate

Ok so, the revised series of events for the TTs after the 6kh story is out is this.

(spoilersish kinda for the story, “The Notice”; you may want to read it first)



So I actually just had a kind of brilliant idea for Kate

I was taking a shower today and kind of idly thinking about what I would do later, and I remembered the little “game” I made up one day of writing 200 word short stories about random drawings.

That made me think of another post I made about a similar “game” that never got acted on:

Art chain game where everyone assumes the previous picture is the cartoon stylised version of the character/creature and tries to create a “realistic” version (with a limited amount of time/detail so all the pictures stay at about the same level of stylisation and none of them goes way out of hand)


Suddenly it kind of dawned on me that one of my major life-changing realisations was that “realism”

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OCtober: Kate

What’s already established about Kate is this: she’s academically excellent, having joined the “Sophius Academy for Sharps” two years earlier than most people enter. She’s kind of a jerk. Though she doesn’t have excessive confidence in her own abilities all the time, she looks down on other people who she sees as ‘not serious enough’ or ‘not cool/smart/capable enough’, and acts toward them with haughty superiority, giving herself more leeway for error than anyone else. She scoffs at the fantastical, preferring the realistic, though in this universe where so many crazy things happen, even she has a little more slack for what’s “realistic”

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Wow ok I just kinda stumbled onto a kind of shocking idea for Stablehand

That at some time in the past, every single Directed attribute had some people who effectively decided to try to change reality and create that attribute’s own version of the truth, so there was kind of a tension between each attribute’s differing intentions on what “to do with” the universe so to speak; each of these has a forgotten, hidden place of some sort associated with that former time of conflict with a shocking alternate history associated with it

For example I’d had this idea for a while that there was place of Fantasy called Alucina which was like this magical lost paradise of cloud and other grand,

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