Character: Era

New notes about Grævonia from today:

In Grævonia a common term for humans is “folk”. People commonly talk about the people of Grævonia as “the folk”, and use “folk” as a gender neutral term to replace “men”, “Man”, “ladies/gentlemen”, etc.

(Because Grævonia is loosely inspired by Anglo-Saxon type cultures rather than today’s cultures, I want to avoid terms that sound specific to 2010s America, like “-person” or “person” to replace “man”. But at the same time a very strong bullet in my mental ‘stablehand manual of style’ has always been ‘keep everything gender-neutral’. So, to compromise,

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True ending

Hmm what if Stablehand has a “true ending”
And Era is the key to it.

Otherwise, there’s no ending where ALL the main characters meet up, but Era ends up uniting them

Through all the side endings where characters join Era and take his advice to pursue some completely off-the-wall goal, Era is made to look like an irrelevant character who’s only good for joke endings… but actually, Era is the most important character in Stablehand. Era’s true ending is where all the characters discover truths about the whole… everything… they would not have discovered otherwise.

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What Originators really are

I thought about Ariana’s flowspace again and

My new image of it is that maybe there’s literally like a little world in there. A sort of small world, kinda fuzzy beyond its boundaries, but it’s there.

There’s like this meeting room in there where she and her characters can meet to discuss strategies, and these rooms each of the characters can pass time/sleep in if she needs to put them away for safekeeping. It’s kind of like an oddly thorough explanation of the RPG trope where party people clown-car into the main character to make the screen less cluttered :p

All the areas in Ariana’s flowspace world are mainly given details by her characters;

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OCtober: Era

I’ve been going overboard on these so this one will be more the intended length :p

Era’s eyes are a clock. If you look closely you’ll see they’re three different colours like a pie chart, or in this case, a clock with the spaces between the hands coloured in.

The position of the “hands” fluctuates but is also in some way different for each of Era’s schemas, sorta corresponding to the order in which his different “eras” fall. Idk, maybe the hour hand is what’s distinctive to each one and the minute and second hands move clockwise at random speeds.

….Y’know actually there are 12 main characters counting Era and a schema for each story. I actually could do it that way. Erasthemus Errator (his “humansona” he created cause he thought humans were a cool species and it would be fun to create one) could be the 12th hour.


I didn’t have a Synthesis Mascot species ever, I just never made one yet
And I just realised
If you take apart “chimaera” it turns into Xima-Era

Era could maybe be the Incongruity half of the mascot while “Xima” could be the Synthesis half; instead of a separate monster and mascot there’s just one with two halves

The “chimaera” could be a common creature that takes traits from Xima-Era the same way flarefowl are a common echo of the Hfenix and hexarts and monoceros are nonmagic flaredrakeicorns. It could be, like,

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Ok I’m beginning to get a coherent picture of what Era is going to be in-story and it’s actually pretty hilarious

In each different character story I’d had this idea that Era would appear as a somewhat remotely-located sidequest you could find if you looked around a little bit and he’d just be hanging out in some weird, bizarre form kind of mostly blending in with the aesthetic of the character and their homeland/story but in another way still looking pretty damn weird

And the thing is, Era understands on a basic level what the character is about and wants,

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I’d soooort of imagined it as a fight against Achroma before because she’s the mascot of Eternity but

What if Aeterna’s fight against time won long in the past was actually a fight against Era, who wanted to siphon up Aeterna just like he did to the Spanish lion kingdom and the other places, but nope Aeterna beat him

Possibly happening against a future Era (I don’t see “present” Era as doing this, so some thing the main characters do might have the possibility to make him do this) that went and attacked past Aeterna for some reason, maybe thinking they’d be easier to overcome because they’d be divided and not knowing that defeating him was what would unite them because he hasn’t seen that part of his timeline yet

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21. Your most artistic OC

Ariana is supposed to be the most creative, but she’s actually terrible at art and writing and generally pretty much any form of articulating things. She’s really lucky she has the ability for her characters to just come alive, because otherwise nobody would know how incredibly creative she was.

Kate is pretty good at art but very specialised at like, a lot like the kind of style and subject matter you find in naturalist engraving plates,

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I had a crazy new idea for Era

The original idea for him was that he’d be called Era to imply that in a Missingno-type fashion he was made of data that wasn’t supposed to be a creature or something; I wasn’t thinking too seriously about what that meant though

Now I thought about it seriously and thought, maybe all the eras that are missing from Aluma history, that people just forgot (kind of a recurring thing in all the stuff I had), are gone because they literally became part of Era. All his schemas are different eras he just sort of assimilated somehow.

What gave me the idea is that a couple of these forgotten eras were the time of the “Spanish lion kingdom” of Leona and the time when lions existed and weren’t just extinct. I realised P. leo sounded like “Paleo”, so one of Era’s schemas I’d previously been calling Palezo (like Paleozoic) and thought might look cat-like even though there were no cats in the Paleozoic, could just be “P▒leo” and be made of those two things.