Character: Commander

The Summit and the Great Starsea

So as of literally today I finally have a Will mascot. It took me long enough, but finally Will has Proper Lore like the other attributes :p

The mascot doesn’t have a name quite yet, but it does have a design and a species name: Summit. Summits are basically huge sentient reptile-like mountains with a lot of legs.


A picture I scanned about three weeks after this post. Left shows the Summit badly drawn with stuff swimming around it, right is what it actually looks like. It has like a million legs because every smaller peak around it is a leg;

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Oh yeah.
I realised earlier that probably Commander’s species name is not Commander but General
Like, as in, featureless and unspecific but also a military officer

It fits weirdly well with the dual nature of the mascots as both Directed (in this case Mach) and Undirected (in this case Clarity) I’ve been establishing with Jinhuáng, and…. mainly her. Dammit. But Princess, Xzhyrxiel, and Sophius all kind of have a hollow side that may have to do with indirection. Princess could definitely be connected to Ruin.

Stablehand: Infiltrator, Obtruder concepts, and… Xzhyrxiel alive, another expansion?

Hoo boy, another mess. Let’s start with the Infiltrator.

Yesterday River Monsters reminded me that skates existed, so I looked them up and I was just like whoa look at these things they’re so crazy. They almost look like an MB already, haha.

So, I thought, why not turn them into one? And I started designing this skate/ray MB that can flatten and extend its body seemingly endlessly in order to eavesdrop on everyone and everything (yeah, somehow its skin can just kinda hear I guess.

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