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Jinfèng’s area may actually be in the same area like province or at least territory as the Baj Kun area

The thing is, I realised the other day when editing the lifecomp entry for flarefowl* that if they use the name “Huang” in Aeterna for the bird and Huang people, the Mandarin-style romanisations (whose origin I didn’t know previously) might actually come from like, this little enclave of Aeterna inside Hinotoria

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For a little while now this has kind of been my unofficial theme for Barry. Now it’s official, I guess! :p

I like how this song starts out with this random guitar you kind of didn’t expect and just kinda… starts off down the road. It fits oddly well with the way the character is kind of weird and silly and always likes to say things in a ridiculous and oddly unhelpful way to mess with you knowing that when he’s the mature expert (in a rather specific field, but he’s pretty invaluable nonetheless) and too charming to hate on top of it, there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

Then it goes into this much more mature and “Unified” sounding thing, which is another side of the character, but the quirky guitar is still there and then you get this very… girly in a way ‘romantic’-ish stuff with whispering voices and stuff but that fits the character too because he looks and acts in a somewhat feminine way.

And then it’s just kind of… chill for the rest of it.

As an added bonus its sort of Italian (?) sound goes pretty well with Ariana’s theme.

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Some quickly put-together pics of Ariana and her OCs for roleplay purposes. A few parts of what’s to follow may be a little confusing if you aren’t in the roleplay, so I’ve readmored it.


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I was looking through my document where I keep cleverbad translations for inspiration and found the phrase “Jude the cat” in one of them so I guess Knight Cat has a name now, heh. He’ll probably still go by Knight Cat most of the time though because that’s catchier.

(Thanks to OFF my fingers always want to type Judge instead of Jude though :p)

Also I stumbled back onto a line about “usually black dog as a nerd” so Knight Cat and Nerd Dog are a team now

Nerd Dog usually goes by Barry since he’s usually a human though

Barry has lots of advantages. What are the benefits of Barry? At the end of the year on the roof to release Knight cat in the country. In the year of the horse smoke bridge day, cats and rabbits will not be the same. Cats and rabbits will never be the same.

Horse smoke bridge day.

Sounds like some kind of weird Hinotorian historical event…