Character: Baihu

I’m liking the idea that Baihu, just as in DCS, has kind of this vague cowboy theme, but also as in DCS he never rode a horse and instead it was some kind of archosaur like a bird or a basal dragon (in DCS I was gonna have him and others riding ostriches as a reference to chocobos and Joust, where Baihu says something like ‘every self-respecting video game hero has to know how to ride an ostrich’. I’m paraphrasing that cause I don’t remember, it was probably worded better than that. :p)

Anyway like, Jinfeng’s grandpa was a legit Antecedent with some riding skills, who knows what his story was but he’s somebody cool. And Jinfeng kinda takes it for granted, although they live on a small farm and it’s possible they have things to herd. Jinfeng and her cat do a number of the smaller tasks though, the cat might actually do the herding as it’s a domestic “pard” and it’s basically dog sized. Can regular cats herd things? I’ve never heard of that.

Another DCS spoiler

This time I decided to do some relatively quick sketches of the…



Can you guess who they match up with?

Anyway, from left to right…

SIS is into flashy jewelry and astrology. She’s a kind of middling nobody singer/songwriter who wishes she was a famous pop star.

DAD is kind of stern but overall a nice guy. He believes a lot in good honest work, living without regrets, and following one’s intuitions.

CUZ is into gardening and botany, and kind of adventurous. Unfortunately, he got lost on some kind of great botany-related expedition, and had to be replaced by the somewhat strict and no-nonsense AUNT on the far right. Who I might end up redesigning a little.

HONOURABLE GRANDFATHER is kind of aloof and cryptic and mostly just sits in his chair or stands around looking out the window a lot looking like he might or might not be displeased about something.

“Sis” (Kira) was pretty much the only one of these I re-used for Stablehand about as-is. The others kept the “scratch” names I came up with (Lars, Karl, Baihu), but were basically redone.