Character: Artifices

Old Subetapet profiles

Ah, Subeta. I loved that site.

…Well, ok, to be more specific, I loved the pets and the universe and the story and also generally thought the “app” part of the site was pretty good in spite of all the hiccups you get when you have a small dev team. The “community” part I was never really a part of, and didn’t have that great of experiences with.

But I still love to what extent they took the “talking animal pet site” idea most well known at Neopets and actually made it interesting and compelling and cool.

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The Artifices

The Artifices Absurditatum (/artɪfɪkɛs absʊrdɪtaːtʊm/, Artists of Absurdity; typically just Artifices /artɪfɪkɛs/, singular/adjectival form Artifex /artifɛks/), are a subjectivist organisation devoted to making the world a better place and realising everyone’s greatest dreams via techniques that distort reality to their liking (techniques known as the Artes Perabsurdae, /artɛs pɛrabsʊrdaj/, or Artes, /arts/). Of course, there’s much more to them than that… each of their divisions has a different goal and theme, with different perks and quirks.

Divisio Ignis Division of Fire

/divisioː ɪgnɪs/,

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Oh man, I just got the best new idea for an Artifex logo… unicorn in a circle with both “credo quia absurdum” and “concipimus ergo erit” (we think, therefore it is) in it.

Going to draw this soon. It’s not going to take much either.

Edit: Ha, ha. Guess not. I don’t even remember what the style of it was supposed to look like now. :p