Character: Ariana

Jinfèng’s area may actually be in the same area like province or at least territory as the Baj Kun area

The thing is, I realised the other day when editing the lifecomp entry for flarefowl* that if they use the name “Huang” in Aeterna for the bird and Huang people, the Mandarin-style romanisations (whose origin I didn’t know previously) might actually come from like, this little enclave of Aeterna inside Hinotoria

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I realised, probably Nassak can just walk through the Depths if he’s careful

Before now I’d always imagined there just being this sliding glass door at the back of the Saucer Nexus with a warning sign that had a stylised abyssal and “DANGER” or something, and if anybody stepped out into the Depths beyond that door the abyssals would just immediately eat them (Dark Teapot or an Insulator or somebody would probably just suddenly show up and block you from going out the door as soon as you opened it)

But Nassak has like Portent-sense, so he could detect abyssals before they snuck up on him,

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I just realised that the whole thing with Princess versus Grævonia I came up with half a month ago is literally

The dragon knights are fighting to save people from the princess

I love that.

I just love the idea Ariana’s dad (when he’s still there) is telling her a story like
‘Once there was a great princess’
‘Was she really smart?’
‘Well, probably. But she was also horrifying.’

Flowspace ideas

  • Lance’s flowspace is a mess with sticky notes all over it a la the way he was in DCS
  • Jinfèng’s flowspace might be her interface with Dà Jinhuáng
  • Nassak’s flowspace has like, these infrequent flashes in the background of a silhouette of Vergozsya as kind of a “holy shit what the fuck was that” freakout type of thing. It should be a very military-looking thing with like idk mission objectives, a radar, that kinda thing. If there are any instruments they should actually do something though, I hate fake instruments.

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I never bothered to finish [Pokémon] X so I’m just now seeing the story of Az (sp?) and I’m laughing oh my god

“Horrible people destroyed my beloved pet cat so I’mma build a terrifying superweapon to teach this fucking world a lesson”

Edit: I suddenly imagined it being Knight Cat’s brother [that was killed and resurrected] and him going up to his brother and being like “Brother!” and then I was like hold the fuck on I’m getting that from somewhere. Where am I getting it from. Goddammit.

And then I realised I was accidentally referencing OFF.

Ok I’m beginning to get a coherent picture of what Era is going to be in-story and it’s actually pretty hilarious

In each different character story I’d had this idea that Era would appear as a somewhat remotely-located sidequest you could find if you looked around a little bit and he’d just be hanging out in some weird, bizarre form kind of mostly blending in with the aesthetic of the character and their homeland/story but in another way still looking pretty damn weird

And the thing is, Era understands on a basic level what the character is about and wants,

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Idea: Ariana’s story is literally just her trying to go on a trip to Hinotoria, not too fancy or interesting a goal, but getting bogged down by a million sidequests related to her OCs that keep each spawning new sidequests until she’s done like a million things and then in the “normal didn’t-meet-any-other-characters” ending she gets to go on her nice mundane uneventful trip to Hinotoria with all her main OCs at the end

Basically kind of a very literal-ised metaphor of this idea of a head-in-the-clouds type person who gets sidetracked really easily and can spend all day inside their own head without interacting with anybody but their imaginary friends if they want to.

Better yet: some of her adventures actually end her up in Hinotoria but she doesn’t even think about it because first that’s not the part of Hinotoria she was going to go see (probably she was going to go visit Baj Kun or the Great Ailuran range) and she isn’t familiar with these parts of it enough to know it’s Hinotoria, and second she’s way too involved in weird OC sidequest shit to think about where she actually is

Wow ok I just kinda stumbled onto a kind of shocking idea for Stablehand

That at some time in the past, every single Directed attribute had some people who effectively decided to try to change reality and create that attribute’s own version of the truth, so there was kind of a tension between each attribute’s differing intentions on what “to do with” the universe so to speak; each of these has a forgotten, hidden place of some sort associated with that former time of conflict with a shocking alternate history associated with it

For example I’d had this idea for a while that there was place of Fantasy called Alucina which was like this magical lost paradise of cloud and other grand,

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21. Your most artistic OC

Ariana is supposed to be the most creative, but she’s actually terrible at art and writing and generally pretty much any form of articulating things. She’s really lucky she has the ability for her characters to just come alive, because otherwise nobody would know how incredibly creative she was.

Kate is pretty good at art but very specialised at like, a lot like the kind of style and subject matter you find in naturalist engraving plates,

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6.Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

This has actually happened a few times and been something I think about!

  • Jinfèng looks like Kyrielle, Jinhuáng’s human form, but they’re not related. It occurs to me just now it may be that the bird chose her because she saw herself in Jinfèng, but that’s not set in stone.
  • Glass Guardian kinda resembles Ssiv, but is not necessarily related even though they have kind of an “ancestor”

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