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Old Subetapet profiles

Ah, Subeta. I loved that site.

…Well, ok, to be more specific, I loved the pets and the universe and the story and also generally thought the “app” part of the site was pretty good in spite of all the hiccups you get when you have a small dev team. The “community” part I was never really a part of, and didn’t have that great of experiences with.

But I still love to what extent they took the “talking animal pet site” idea most well known at Neopets and actually made it interesting and compelling and cool.

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Main Characters

Tyrian Dhumravarna (ティリアン・デュームラバーナ)

A somewhat naïve young man who seems to know almost nothing and doesn’t remember anything from before the day he suddenly woke up in the middle of an inexplicable, chaotic world with an unfamiliar dragon trapped inside him. All he does know is that teapots probably shouldn’t be levitating and pigeons don’t usually wear red bandannas with hammers and sickles on them… and he seems to be the only one who thinks things like that are the least bit weird. Puzzled, he’s decided to look into who and what’s responsible for the current state of things and try to stop that party if at all possible.

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I guess that means a tall, imposing, somewhat Nordic-looking cynic with military experience who can wield electricity and a terrifying giant lioneaglecarp actually has something in common with a toxic moth. Who would have thought?

Me just now

The Voltaria Leijonörn

Yup, I’ve been at it again, doing everything but drawing my actual characters. But hey, this time I made a fairly cool design: the Voltaria Leijonörn. It’s the emblem of the Voltaire family, used as a heraldic charge among other things, and I meant it to be a sort of fierce-looking lion-eagle without being a griffin.

I didn’t think about whether these were its “proper” colours or not when designing it, but I’d assume they are since they don’t neatly fit the narrow set of heraldic tinctures. When actually using it as a charge, the entire thing would probably be just be recoloured grey and black like this:

Argent, a Leijonörn displayed ash-grey, maned and queued sable.

I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out.