Character: Aiyalam

New notes about Grævonia from today:

In Grævonia a common term for humans is “folk”. People commonly talk about the people of Grævonia as “the folk”, and use “folk” as a gender neutral term to replace “men”, “Man”, “ladies/gentlemen”, etc.

(Because Grævonia is loosely inspired by Anglo-Saxon type cultures rather than today’s cultures, I want to avoid terms that sound specific to 2010s America, like “-person” or “person” to replace “man”. But at the same time a very strong bullet in my mental ‘stablehand manual of style’ has always been ‘keep everything gender-neutral’. So, to compromise,

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Fractality and Aiyalam

So today I was just kind of idly thinking about Arkturuse and their song for some reason, sort of singing it while slightly thinking about how I’d improve it when the time came to redo it from lazily putting music to too many words into being an actual song more suiting of my prog rock type sensibilities

And that kinda made me briefly think about Stolen Heart and Aiyalam’s songs (which were incidentally in a similar state)

And then I just kinda on the spot started making up a NEW song for Aiyalam.

That kinda got me thinking about how my thoughts on the Synthesis attribute have changed very recently and how perhaps,

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I like finally realised what the Stablehand Aether and Aluma are like after the longest time

It’s like a phylogenetic tree

The thing is like, time in the Aether is measured in “alterations” which are changes to the “code” of the universe, as represented in “hex editor” format with gibberish strings in Aiyalam’s spinning notebook?

That’s pretty much exactly like DNA mutations. Measuring “alterations” is basically the same exact thing—minus the fact the Aether doesn’t have actual “time” to compare with it—as measuring the time between divergence of species by looking at the background rate of neutral mutations and how many such mutations occurred between the two species

So every different timeline in Aluma is like a branch on a phylogenetic tree.

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Bosses / attunes finally explained

I finally went back and used my newest decision on attunes to figure out the bosses. By figuring out what attunes they were I could match them up to attributes, since each attribute has associated attunes.

Agency Environment Chroma Boss Attribute
Agentic Envira Xai Arkturuse Esteem
Agentic Envira Zed Arkturuse Faith
Agentic Technica Xai Aiyalam Will
Agentic Technica Zed SH Verity
Thematic Envira Xai DTP Fantasy
Thematic Envira Zed DTP Unity
Thematic Technica Xai Aiyalam Synthesis
Thematic Technica Zed SH Mach.

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New term: the cloaks Kokorononai members are equipped with (didn’t really explicitly discuss them before ever but they were a thing and I mentioned them like once in a roleplay) are called heart veils, and Kokorononai (probably) invented them. Heart veils are transparent, nearly invisible cloaks that, when put on, start to assume the appearance of something else on the outside, usually some kind of canid (wolf, dog, jackal, coyote) for Kokorononai members. When fully on they replace the wearer’s external form with their own—though the outside of your body behaves like the new form and it feels natural you keep your own physiology internally so it’s like an unimaginably realistic costume kinda.

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Takumi: In RFS there is only really the Aether and Aluma

“: Aluma is inside the Aether kinda

“: And you can’t really get outside the Aether

“: Well… ok there’s one small exception to that but not really.

“: See, the Aether is made up of locales that link to each other.

“: And the Primordium, the very beginning locale, links to Endless Silence.

“: Endless Silence, you could kinda say, is outside the Aether, because it’s what the Aether would be like if it never developed.

“: i.e., basically stark nothingness.

“: I still haven’t figured out how all the different locales affect Aluma, like what there being a part of the Aether where the Aether doesn’t exist means for Aluma

“: I don’t even know what Aluma would be like if the Aether didn’t exist, they kinda exist because of each other so I don’t know whether there could be one without the other or not

“: That makes me realise, Endless Silence is probably the only place you can be safe from Aiyalam since it’s literally an Aether without him

But also locales in the Aether are just places, so he should be able to just go there???

Hmm that’s kind of a contradiction, idk how to solve that

I guess if Aiyalam went there it would turn into a different locale, maybe the Primordium or Origin

It would be so funny if he kept trying to go to Endless Silence but the locale just kept changing on him because one of the conditions for Endless Silence is Aiyalam can’t be there

Ok for a while I’d had it established that mainly, SH was kinda Verity + Synth and Arkturuse was kinda Esteem + Faith so that kinda suggested the guardians bosses/curators (dammit OFF, every other time I want to call them guardians now XD) should follow the “powers of two” rule almost everything else seems to, but there were only 3 of them and that seemed a little weird

Then I realised, Dark Teapot is the fourth one

SH = V + S + U + N
Ark = Es + Ft + D + Cl
Ai = W + P + I + Cp + Fr
DTP = M + Fn + Et + R

It’s weird because he doesn’t really have an organisation/place like the other three do, he just kind of wanders around

I also haven’t really decided if he’s affiliated with Serval or not because he probably would have run into them at one point but I don’t see him as thinking about them a lot. It may be that he knows them but doesn’t really like them all that well for some reason.

(Serval’s a demiguy, like malexai or something; I said “they” because saying “he” would have been confusing. I actually haven’t figured out enough about Serval to figure out their actual choice of pronoun.)

10/03/2015 edit:

Currently this is more accurate:

SH = V + S + R + N
Ark = Es + Ft + Fn + Cl
Ai = W + P + I + Cp + Fr
DTP = M + U + Et + D

Also Dark Teapot does have a place, the Saucer Nexus. :p

I’m kind of starting to like where “Offensive Noise” is going, but aghhh… I really wanted to keep it short and simple compared to the other two’s songs since Aiyalam is basically an “any bullshit and you’re dead” type of guy, but I have a number of things I wanna get in there too.

I think I may need to start creating the instrumentals to have any idea what to do with it.