Character: Achroma

WBJ2015: Geography

Aluma has three main continents: Ywaszj (Yuashi), Mitrokh, and Resona [tentative name]. Ywaszj and Resona lie along the same west-east line, but Mitrokh is south to them.

Far north to Ywaszj and Resona is the arctic region, called Prossiveria. It gets its name from being close (or proximate) to the north star,

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Jegus I think I was right about that default network thing

My mind was drifting over to things I should scan while thinking about how to do a math problem and I just suddenly had a super-vivid image of a redesign for Achroma (a redesign I’d literally only thought of at that moment) and drew it

The image was only of its head sadly but I have plenty more math problems so maybe I’ll get the rest of it done too :p

TDNMB: the highlights, 4/16~5/2

Okay, now I’ve finally gotten all my blogs in order and decided what I’ll do.

TDNMB and my Stablehand/Tyrian tags on tumblr will be for all my WIPs I feel like posting, and separate posts on this blog will be for the finished stuff. However, since I seem to be producing a lot more WIPs than finished stuff lately, I’m also going to post compilation posts here of the rougher stuff from my tumblr periodically. This is the first of those posts, mostly covering 4/16~5/2.

Here I was trying to draw a symbol for one of the main characters to wear.

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