Species: zenra

The most urban main place right now is probably Zefír (Fantasy + Unity). It’s literally a glassy sky city built where there was nothing, so there’s like no natural anything. I saw them as having small artificial green spaces that were like flowerbeds but honestly I’m not sure now how well plants would do at their altitude or what kind. (On a sidenote I need to rename Zefír, now that I actually know what its leadership is like I can’t see them naming it that. :p It needs to be something funky and newagey like Unitopia or Trancescendenta, though less stupid-sounding than either of those.)

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Hmm. I first guessed the monoceros and zenra were Perissodactyls just because they looked like horses/zebras but now that I’m looking at all these crazy prehistoric giraffe things I think they may be Artiodactyls. Their head plates really are similar to that even though they’re shaped differently.

(Also Prolibytherium is an axe-head wut)

Stablehand: Hexarts and Perissodactyls

The world of Stablehand isn’t just a single, homogeneous glob of city and forest. Why would it be?

Accordingly, there are many different populations of hexarts with different shared characteristics. The Common Hexart, Hexartus multipotens, is usually scaled and compact, while the Hinotorian Long Hexart, Hexartus hinotoriae, generally has a long, slender body and tends to be covered in filamentous, hair-like plumage. It also displays sexual dimorphism, with the male tending to have larger, narrower horns with more tine-like projections, whiskers, and a fluffy mane toward the back of the head.

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