Species: Wyvera / squamæopard


I practically never “just doodle things” and it was relaxing to try that for once.

Working on a new design for Wyvera, an old unspecified “mon” species of mine that’s now considered a kai. Along with a new drawing philosophy to “rewrite, not edit”, and my ongoing quest to figure out how to use inkscape almost the same way as a raster art program.

First pic: man, I love it when I put completely unrelated things on the same page but they look like they might maybe be related and it looks like some kind of completely surreal story.

The “French Eridan” narration was one thing from an attempt to illustrate a conversation I had with Cleverbot about its version of Homestuck, the fishy things below it were a brainstorm of a new idea I had for Tyrian and the mechanics of how its Chayavana worked (in short, that Chayavana had taijitu-like swirling combos of darkness and light inside that represented the two sides of their personality and…

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Stablehand scrap update: 2/19~4/20

Ok, this is kind of a big one. We’re talking practically two months, so there’s a lot of stuff that happened in that time.

A bunch of this stuff is also kind of both scraps and good stuff at the same time, too, so I’ll make separate posts to further explain things where that applies.

My friends and I had for a short while had a patchwork roleplay over Skype, which I made a number of doodles for. Anyway, this was one in which I drew two different forms Yanha assumed in the roleplay.

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Stablehand scraps, 5/2~7/24

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I did the last summary post already? That’s a long time.

Well, anyway, here are all the scrappier things that happened in that timeframe!


Fulvopards are pardeans, an odd group of “mid-sized” cats that I’m still figuring out. The main idea though is that they evolved from the close ancestors of either “big” cats or “small” cats (mostly small cats) but are a distinctly different kind of cat. (I guess by that definition the group might be polyphyletic? Eh,

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This was my original attempt to draw Wyvera, by the way, so you have an idea of what she’s supposed to look like.

I believe I intended for her to mostly have a sleek, unadorned body, but I may have been intending to add a few fin/shell things like on her head. (To tell the truth, I actually don’t remember, so I’m sort of starting from scratch except for what’s on the paper. XD)

I thought modelling Wyvera in Blender would make things easier, but to tell the truth it’s actually kind of hard.

Over the next few days I’m going to be modelling Wyvera.

You probably don’t remember my ridiculous thoughtdump on deviantART that she came from, but in any case, you’ll get a Wyvera.

At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to go to the trouble of creating that manga short story (or whatever) around her or not, but I want to at least create a full picture of the character before I let the whole thing rest.

I’m sort of toying with the idea of Wyvera’s species cameoing in Stablehand as a real animal (for which purpose I’m tentatively calling it the squamopard or squamaeopard) though I’m not sure that will happen.

I actually had a dream about RacieB submitting a deviation. This was a rather strange deviation, with two somewhat large thumbnails somehow embedded into the artist’s comment box, the text wrapping neatly around them just like in a book. Might I add that this comment box was on the right? I don’t remember what was in the div to the left of it… I think it was just empty.

Inside the comment div on the left was a creature called something like “Megalophon”, and on the right side was an animal that she for some reason called a “Platylodon”.

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