Species: shikunbao

WBJ2015: Races

Races. Ok. This is a good subject because I have half of it solidly nailed down in such a way I won’t pour over it for two days like the geography one, and half of it is kinda open but again I’m not gonna pour over it for two days like the geography one.


We all know what humans are.

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Stablehand: Shikunbao

Well, this is the Shikunbao. Like I said, my brain literally just kind of synaesthetically pulled it out of this song—as my handwritten note on the page just a little bit sloppily describes, “the song conjured up this exact body plan in my mind”.

Shortly after “designing” it, I decided—again kind of subconsciously—that it would make the most sense as a mountain animal in an area either in or around Hinotoria because of its snow leopard-like spots. So, I thought about it a bit and decided that since a lot of Chinese names for animals are kind of just randomish but descriptive phrases, this thing would be called the “rock fist leopard”, or Shiqianbao. In Hinotorian syllables that translated to Shjkjwnbaw, or Shikunbao. So… that’s where its name comes from.

I also later got this idea that the Shikunbao would be somewhat self-aware and since the Hinotorians are associated with Unity, they would have somehow made some kind of agreement with them such that the Shikunbao are really willing to help them out, especially when they need to get through their rough, rocky habitat (but are still just about as cold and hostile as they were before to everybody else). I figured, Unity is a weird attribute and it needs some kind of wacky perks that go with it. Like having freaky yetimonsters at your command. :p

Today I suddenly realised that Shikunbao actually look kind of like lemurs, a little bit.

Maybe their story is that they were originally living in a rainforest-type habitat but then there was a bunch of deforestation so they moved up into the snowier habitat they now live in. And the Hinotorians now decry whoever it was that drove them out, or whatever, because they’re all Unity and all that and it’s like inexcusable anybody would just drive out an entire species instead of trying to coexist with it.

Hmm, when I revamp this thing I will probably give it somewhat smaller ears because having really huge ears doesn’t exactly make sense in a cold environment.

I really want to work in that weird snow leopard gorilla monster but I don’t really know how.

On one hand I want them to be aware but on the other I don’t want any nonhumans to be weird-looking people because that’s boring. And hexarts are kind of special in being a little like that so I’d kind of be encroaching on hexart territory with these things, but I want them to be more aware than hexarts too and yet nope I can’t do that because, again, that’s boring. :p

Though, actually, part of Hinotoria is supposed to be in mountainous terrain, so maybe it could be like the Hinotorians made friends with the weird yeti monsters and nobody else understands why they would even do that because why?. But for the Hinotorians, they’re useful because they’re extremely good at getting through the cold, rough environment and nobody else is.

(Stablehand: a wonderful universe where black people speak an odd dialect of Chinese, keep bizarre-looking cats and are friends with yeti monsters)

(Oh yeah, and are also trying to unify the world in a kind of religious-missionary-like way :p)